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US Treasury Lien on the Federal Reserve

Proof of your slavery. Filed July 2011 [its genuine. I ran this by a friend who studied law just to make sure]

item # 13 and 14 list collateral as:

All real men - with hands and legs, and all real land in the United States of America 14,000,000,000,000,000 - WITH TRUST IN GOD this real estate is with the public

Yes, that's exactly what it says . . . see for yourself.


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thread from 2011


God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it. – Daniel Webster

Hmm interesting.

However this is with respect to commerce. These people are definitely insane though. Very telling of the psychosis of this commercial (satan's) system. Thanks for the post.

What's interesting is the 1789 date on there... interested to hear other's thoughts who may have more knowledge regarding the UCC. It also mentions that it is "not a point of law."

Yeah, its with respect to

Yeah, its with respect to commerce and from what I can tell, we are the collateral they are using to finance the debt for the DoD and DHS. We are being named as security on the loan. This is a statement showing the security on the loan.

I hadn't noticed the 1789 date till you mentioned it, thanks. What I want to know is who is Everton Deoliviera Rocha? And how does this person hold all of us and our land in trust? Did you ever deed yourself to him as your trustholder? I sure didn't.

It also says this security statement is legal tender for all debts public or private. . . .

Not sure about you, but I sure don't like seeing myself listed as property.

Blessings )o(