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Considering project: Chemicals Exposed!

So by my other posts most of you on here know that I've been talking up my four published articles in the last 3 months: two on Ron Paul, one on Water Fluoridation and my recent Op-Ed on Violence in this country and how it is perpetuated by many things. I am going to present a proposal to the local newspaper that would allow me to post information on chemicals once a week. For example, the first week would be dedicated to Aspartame and links to adverse effects, chemical makeup and origination (history) of the chemical. I want to share information and people deserve to know what the hell their ingesting, even if they don't care to. If you know and do not share or drive the conversation, then you are complicit to the legal, disease-propagating industry that our government colludes with for profit and paternalization of the people.

Any thoughts or opinions on this effort would be greatly appreciated and suggestions for which chemical to expose is also welcome.

Love and Peace first.

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That is such an excellent idea!

If I were in your area and knew you were starting that project, I would purchase a paper just for that reason alone!

Aspartame, that's a good idea. Seems as if people are just staring to learn that. Also, I have been reading a little about Sucrulose/Splenda...which also has side effects.

Anyway...great idea. Would also be good is that BPA in plastic, MSG, dangers of household cleaners and body products. People are too busy to look things up, but always have time for a few articles in the paper.=)