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I am getting sick of Jack Hunter

Jack posted another status swiping at 'conspiracy theorists'. Then, Austin Petersen (who I hear about once like 2 months) comes on in and then just insults posters. They are some real class acts. Then, I got to thinking, where was all of Jack's condemnation and scorn over Glenn Beck attacking Ron Paul? Where was Jack's snarky quips to be found when Mark Levin said that Ron Paul wasn't a conservative. Where? Then, I realized that Jack just hates Alex 'I have been supporting Ron Paul my entire professional career' Jones. He hates his success. He envies Jones. He hates that Jones has a dedicated following, something he thought he got when he became Ron Paul's official blogger. His ego must be massive. Alex worked for every single one of his listeners. Every single one! Jack, he just rides coat tails.

Alex Jones: Embarrassing when Alex confronted Piers.

Beck, Hannity, Levin, not a damn word to be heard from him. Who hurts the movement more?

Alex helped that night in huge ways. He was entertaining, trolling Piers. He brought facts. He even enforced the image that gun control is totalitarian (which it is). That is my 2 cents on it.

I had no where else to turn to other than here to let loose about this. What is going to happen to the Southern Avenger and the Austin Petersen types? When push comes to shove, are they going to support Levin over Tom Woods. I am betting on that situation to be honest.

I want the DP's thoughts though on that. I am just friends with him on FB and it has become very grating sometimes to see those status updates.

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I know

It's okay. We all feel the same about the other person. No need to get all benton out of shape.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

Yeah, I had a roller coaster ride with Jack Hunter too

I was disappointed with Rand Paul's "happy" endorsement of Mitt Romney, but when Jack Hunter followed up with a video basically telling us why we were ignorant not to see the brilliance of Rand's decision, I saw Jack Hunter in a different light. WeAreChange did another video with Jack Hunter, where Jack attempted to marginalize patriots who questioned the government.

Maybe we're going to all end up shot and thrown into a ditch and forgotten, simply because we wanted truth. Maybe Jack Hunter was trying to "save us" from that fate. But I'm a scientist first, so dying in the search for truth would be most honorable. More practically speaking, I think that all of us seeking out the conspiracies and exposing them with facts and knowledge is our best defense against becoming a victim of the next conspiracy.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

Jack will probably be...

too busy jingling 50 pieces of silver in his pocket to care.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Did you mean 30 pieces of silver?...

Matthew 26:14-16



Low blood caffeine levels combined with 5am...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~