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Ron Paul TX Straight Talk 1-14-13: Hagel & Brennan Will Carry Out Obama's Foreign Policy

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Ye shall know them by their fruits

But don't pick em until they're mature =)

Ok, RP's new URL he's

RP's new URL he's advertising at the end is horrible. All those dashes. He must have some kook advising him who doesn't understand the idea of easy to type domains.

Agree, but new site coming!!!!

I agree that the-free-foundation.org is a bit clunky of a web address but thankfully on the website it has this posted at the top"

"***Please note: This is the temporary home for my weekly column until my personal web page is up and running.***"

So it looks like RON is working on a personal website!

Why Can't We Be Friends ?

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Because the man is comin' around

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Great objective analysis of the two Obama nominees.

Unless Obama himself WANTS to change the direction of the foreign policy, nothing will change. Even with Hagel and especially with Brennan, the blood-thirsty promoter of drone/torture/surveillance empire.


Thanks for posting Steve.

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I notice that Ron Paul is now naming names.

He is telling us not to believe these appointed people, even before they assume power.

He knows them well enough to say that they are already a lost cause for Liberty.

Of course they will

or they wouldn't have been put on the payroll.

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Just open the box and see

Glad to see "Straight Talk"

Glad to see "Straight Talk" is back.

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Yup. I looked out of habit,....

not knowing if anymore would ever be posted. It was a nice surprise for me, too.