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The Market Brings Competition to Tyrannical Government

In the United States, as citizens are continuously and increasingly taxed and tread upon, through the Federal Reserve, threats of gun confiscation, raids, illegal searches, & legislation, the desire for Liberty grows.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty” -Thomas Jefferson

And around the country, individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses-the Market- seek the solution to this problem.

Just twelve nautical miles off the coast of California, Blueseed is forming.

With the interest of over 1000 entrepreneurs across 60 countries, and thousands of more individuals, Blueseed is creating a Free Market on a ship, similar to the concept of seasteading.

With monopoly-creating regulation & government infecting the current marketplace in the United States of America and across the world, Blueseed is providing the alternative by creating a marketplace in which intelligent and innovative individuals will be free to travel, interact, & create, without the restraining & forceful hand of government.

By creating a location and community in which business is appreciated and desired, in which the freedom and capability of the individual is realized, Blueseed will deliver knowledge, innovation, & jobs that encourage more of the same, and offer the accompanying stability that comes with these ideas.

Legal and financial hurdles for Blueseed to materialize are already being jumped , with commencement predicted in late 2013/early 2014, at the GREAT price of $1600/month.

In what could be one of the last states with an ounce of Free Market spirit left, Texas, Glenn Beck plans a “Libertarian utopia”, Independence Park.

Independence Park will be what Glenn Beck leaves behind to a country with a fading Founding vision, one that Glenn Beck would say was based upon Rights and responsibility and would only flourish with the existence of.

Whether Beck is becoming a Libertarian out of natural recognition and development, or out of a desire to satisfy what he sees as an emerging market, or even both, embarking on a project of this magnitude certainly displays an aptitude and work ethic that will provide a benefit to Libertarians, distrustful of him or not.

Within Independence Park will exist the life-blood of any Libertarian community, the market, in which innovators & hard workers will congregate to operate & create productive business & technology.

Research and development centers, along with educational tools & archives will exist for individuals to further pursue ideals, dreams, & knowledge. Mr. Beck plans on providing tools for even those living outside the community to utilize to protect against & counteract what is seen as regressive.

Independence Park will hold dear to its foundation and continuation literature and knowledge, but in reference to Thomas Jefferson’s advice on the necessary storage and passing on of knowledge, will incorporate unique architecture as a reminder of history and its lessons.

Self-reliance and independence will be the initial goals of the community, with more food and energy being produced than being used. Technological research and advancement, through the market & tools around the community, will drive the ability to meet these goals, which, although somewhat far fetched at this point, takes the same leap that many of the greatest inventors & inventions in history did, providing their respective purposes & functionality at times of great need, & times of great doubt.

Beck’s vision of Independence Park is certainly being created to inspire the development and continuity of moral individuals, for moral individuals require no law to live and operate by outside their own.

In Western Idaho, Citadel is accepting applications for an armed community of 3500-7000 American families across 2000-3000 acres...


LINK: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2013/01/14/the-market-brings-c...

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And don't forget expatriation

It as much an option as any of these. And may be my preferred route. I have said before that I was staying but may move the family out. Well, as I look for other places to send them I am finding the others places may be better than here already. So why stay? I am losing the emotional attachment to the USA with every passing day.

The prices for Citadel

land and housing, combined with the fact that you are actually buying the land with no interest and no other charges are pretty damn good.

Edit: So a 1 acre lot with a 600sf home inside the city walls would cost you a final price of $129,960 if I've understood them correctly.

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Please update as things develop.

If the only thing that reaches people is work opportunities, the concept could BOOM, like the current Oil boom going on in Montana and North Dakota (or any boom anywhere).

A boom fueled by petroleum markets (allowed to compete for some reason), can be easily compared to a boom fueled by Liberty where those in the community booming fuel their boom by avoiding as much "tax" (extortion) as possible, including the hidden "inflation" tax.

Like this:

Area of ground filled with people where the people struggle mightily to pay Federal Income Taxes and National Debt and other extortion payments where all their productive power is being stolen and then the stolen loot is used to steal more from those people in that area.

Same are Area 1 above but in this area there is a lot of oil being pumped out to markets fast and not enough people in this area yet to keep up with the demand so the local area is booming with very high pay rates as there is a scarcity of supplies and labor in this area currently.

Nothing like the two cases above since this area is filled with people who have figured out how to avoid having their productive power stolen and therefore they have figured out how to avoid having their stolen power used to steal more of their power.


Agreed, like the real-time

Agreed, like the real-time analogy. Most definitely excited about the newer ones such as Citadel, even Beck's Independence Park is a step forward, despite the distrust around him.

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Beck twists libertarinism

that IS not a good thing. His neocon-lib is a distraction.. He wants the opposite as I do and many of us who want to move towards the Founders intent.

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I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Agreed, Beck's history

Agreed, Beck's history defines him clearly to us all, but I cannot discount an effort to create private communities such as his when he is willing to put financial and reputation resources behind it.

I don't believe in the economic views of some anti-NDAA individuals from the left, but I will sure as heck stand next to them to protest indefinite detention of Americans.

Compared to the major neocons, at-least there is *something* in Beck, inviting guests such as Penn Jillette, Rand Paul on, ect...

Despite all of that, even if you did discount his idea, still many others with great promise. Blueseed, FSP, Citadel... these will inspire many more.

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Some of those I might be able to get behind

Citadel sounds very interesting as does Blueseed, which I thought of doing something similar 15 years ago because if you go far enough out to sea, you're no longer under this Nations direct laws.. or that was the case then.

I'd still want to know who was behind each of those. Do you know who is behind Citadel and Blueseed?

Oh and FSP.. I'm totally on-board for that!

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I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Blueseed lists its "team

Blueseed lists its "team members" here: http://blueseed.co/about-us/

Main founders were from the Seasteading Institute, its wiki is pretty definitive: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blueseed

Citadel's about us is awesome, but does not list founders: http://www.iiicitadel.com/

Revenue plans are somewhat listed here: http://www.iiicitadel.com/revenue.html

And Citadel's blog here: http://iiicitadel.blogspot.com/

Post more when I find out...

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Great, thanks!


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I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.