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Not my words...

Someone posted this on another site: "The keynesians climb trees(Print money), while the Austrians hide under rocks(Buy Gold)"

I thought it was very good.

I suppose a mention of

I suppose a mention of austrian economics is better than no mention and could potentially get a conversation started.

But they really turned me off last week when they did a whole episode deomonizing preppers as paranoid selfish fear mongers. I prefer "self-sufficient and ready to help others" but to each his own.

The Simpsons is very liberal,

The Simpsons is very liberal, as are most cartoons with the exception of South Park but it's good that people are acknowledging Austrian economics exists and that's without doubt because of the influence of Ron Paul on American conservatism.

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Video: http://vimeo.com/57364562#

Found it on Economic Policy Journal.

"Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered." -- Cicero

Free market equals dogs eating economists

If you think about it, the story equates free-market principles with savagery and 'dog-eat-dog'.

Then it equates an Austrian economist with 'just another tin-pot dictator who will set prices for you', which he's not.

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I didn't see it that way

the free market principles with the dogs were more like " let the chips fall were they may" so by releasing the hounds and allowing the economists to run to see which ones get caught, but true free market principles would have pitted the Burns hounds and his power plant vs another power supplier and its dogs, so the premise is incorrect and tht why those boys make cartoons and don't make policy. They don't get it.