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Sandy Hook Official Story EXPOSED (Evidence compiled)

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Ran across some interesting videos ... and had a thought

Here is someone reporting on a local who claims to have seen the staging taking place at the firehouse BEFORE the shooting (also note the part with Gene Rosen , where the sign says, "Everyone must check in" -- in what way would that possibly make sense, if not a drill?):

Here is a video showing that CNN lied about footage it showed on air (note: CNN has been caught providing fake news footage of "live" reporters in the Middle East who were actually on a CNN set in Atlanta, so this is not surprising):

This one is from a guy who has an irritating way of making videos, but the substance is interesting, in that it shows a picture of first responders supposedly at the firehouse, but it appears that it could have been from someplace else:

Here is a video of what happened after a real school shooting in Brazil and then compared to what was shown regarding Sandy Hook:

Also, I had a thought about those photos of Emily Parker that seem odd. I have not come to a conclusion about what happened, but *IF* the Emily Parker story is false in some way, it dawned on me what *COULD* have happened.

Everyone assumes Emily actually existed. But what if she didn't? What if the Parkers had 2 daughters, not 3? They have photos from 2010. Both daughters would now be 2 years older. They could have taken the older daughter, who would look slightly older, put her in a red dress, and then photoshop her in. That would explain why she looks photoshopped and off to the side in the photo with the red dress. It would also explain why she looks photoshopped and off to the side in the photo where they are all wearing white t-shirts. It would explain the #2 sister with Barry pic. It would explain why the aunt and grandfather seemed to be confused about their own family. Just a thought.

Two interesting articles to add:



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