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Sandy Hook parents start group - "Sandy Hook Promise"

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Where Are the Flowers?

I'm assuming that the graves of these unfortunate victims will will be well tended and continually adorned with fresh flowers for at least the next year. It would be nice for some locals to check up on thiat from time to time (if the narrative holds together much longer).

Where is the anger?

If they are grieving, anger is a well documented phase. If they have focused on guns as the blame, where is their anger at the guns? Even as they pitch for gun laws, they are cool as cucumbers.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Weird interview.

I notice that her hand is completely static on his. Normally, one partner will rub their thumb on their partners hand, or squeeze their hand as a sign of comfort or strength.
There seems to be no body language between these two.

Somebody Call The Cops!!!

I think the whole sandyhook thing is a hoax. Someone call the police, these people should be in vestigated. They are very suspicious.

Guess that would mean the cops are in on it...making it even harder to believe that it is a hoax. I do wish someone would investigate the concerns so many are having. But they don't, which leads to more speculation that it must be a hoax that even the highest levels of our government are in on.

What if this was your town?

I keep thinking "what if this was my town?". Would the other parents be able to keep quiet about this if it was a scam? Would some of the other parents (my friends) blab?

There is no way this could all be a fake when I think of that. There are some great arguments being made and odd observations, but I can't buy into it. I'll keep an open mind though. If a parent or "crisis actor" comes forward, we will know for sure. If this was fake someone will come forward.

I do believe if a responsible gun owner had been in the area he/she might have saved those kids. I know I would have been going Rambo after someone shooting up a school.

It is possible

that threats could have been made.

600 kids go to my children's school

And it is a relatively small school. I wouldn't know all the kids there, certainly not the parents or the home life. It all does need investigated though, kind of too much of an open and shut/ disregard all questions sort of thing. And the parents do look like they are acting. Guess what I am saying, is it is not impossible for a few parents to fool the rest.

also....they were kinders

It takes awhile to meet all the Kinders and their parents. so far, I only see victims as "first borns" if they are first born and Kinders in the school, not alot of the school community knows the families yet.


We all know Robby by now as the father that was laughing it up before going on camera, well Robby moved to Newtown from Utah 1 year ago if this was to be pulled off all the children's parents were Crisis Actors that moved to Newtown at about the same time and sent their kids back out of the state.

There'd be no chance

of covering any of the major aspects up in my town. We know each other too well and it's not so much that my city isn't huge, but an individual school district isn't. Is there a certain size town/school where it's being proposed that a major cover-up would be more possible? Is there a town size a person can come from where it would seem more likely Newtown has the ability to cover major things up?

Defend Liberty!

More like a pact against

More like a pact against dissenting opinion.

Southern Agrarian

It's so odd,

the parents seem to hold it together so well. No tears. These are the third set of parents I've seen, whose child is dead, and haven't shed a tear in interviews.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

that was my thought as well

throughout the whole segment I was looking at their micro-expressions and thinking the same thing...even if there is no 'conspiracy' there are most certainly rehearsals and prepping the message.

which basically means there's a conspiracy, doesn't it?