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I'm not sure when I'll be back on DP

Just wanted to let my friends here know that I'm going to have surgery today.

The reason is because when I was a surfer, I used to repair boards. I've always worn glasses and thought they would serve as enough protection when I did did a quick fix, sanding resin to the fiberglass to repair a small ding.

Prior to my pending surgery today, I had 5 areas of my sinus removed, pterigiums removed (like a cateract, but on the whites of the eyes, very painful), all for not wearing saftey glasses and mask.

Now I am having lid surgery because the fiberglass creates cysts inside my lids that grow to the size of a large marble. They make my eyes look like someone hit me with a brick.. when the cyst breaks, I weep puss for days.

For years now, I've gone to an eye surgeon who removes them when they start, and he and my GP recommended I get this surgery to remove the scaring and lumps that remain. It is cosmetic, so there is no insurance to cover the cost.. it's all out of pocket.. nearly $7K.

My hope is that I will end these outbreaks and improve my vison.

I also hope anyone here who thinks they can skip the saftey googles and mask will reconsider.

The pre-op news says that I will be wearing bandages on my eyes for 5 days. Look ofrwards to seeing you all again next week.

I love you and miss you all.


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Maybe you will look at things in a different light, such as how right I am most of the time, lol ;-P

My prayers are with you :-) Hurry back, I will miss you!

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Best Wishes Granger

...And hoping for the best for you.
...Be Kind to Yourself, and Take it Easy.

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...Everything CHANGED !!

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Here's a tune for you, I know you're big on that...


I hope it all goes well and that you are better soon.

Good luck and I am sure you

Good luck and I am sure you will have a successful procedure.


Liberty = Responsibility

Hope all goes well.

Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Prayers for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery!

we'll see you back soon!

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Sorry to hear about your eyes, Granger

I'm sure your surgery will be successful and I hope you recuperate soon. I will be thinking of you and sending good thoughts and prayers.

get well soon.

get well soon.

Wishing you the best and a quick

healing time. My husband has gone through similar issues over the years due to working with metal causing embedded chards as well as sun damage to his eyes from spending so much time out on the ocean. His most recent surgery went very well and we were surprised at how easily things went. I hope you too have an easy time of it. Take care, keep us updated on your recuperation, when you can. Be well, liberty needs your voice.

recover quickly liberty

recover quickly liberty friend

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Granger, my prayers throughout this day will be for you.

For a successful surgery, quick full recovery and PEACE to permeate throughout your body, mind & soul.

I remember your post on the joy and thrill of being in the wave as a surfer. . . a post from some four years ago already! That image has always been YOU in my mind :-) You described the special blue, the speed and the beauty of it all. So sorry to hear that the repair works caused this condition. My love to you, BBG.


I pray your surgery goes well.

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I don't know enough about you

I don't know enough about you to know if you're religious, but I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

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Get well soon Granger. We'll miss your absence here on the DP.

Bless you Granger

You are in my thoughts and positive vibrations are being sent your way.

Wow, really hefty!!

But you are working on the final repair. The end of your agony is in sight. The best!


Good luck and God Bless, my brother!

Speedy recovery. We need you on the line!

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Granger - best of luck with your surgery

Get plenty of rest. I wish you all the best towards a speedy recovery to better than full health. Take you're time. Your spot will be here for you when it is time for your return.

Blessings and love,

He's the man.


Have a speedy recovery and hurry home.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Good luck man.

Good luck man.

Southern Agrarian

Whoops, apologies. I can't

Whoops, apologies. I can't tell on the internet.

Southern Agrarian

And ALL women are men.

"Man" just happens to be the name of the animal we are, so when we say "man" without further modification, we are simply distinguishing a particular critter and not confusing her with a horse or a cricket.

Women, girls, and boys all have special names within our species, but "men" are lumped in with the generic expression.

I am about as enthusiastic a female chauvinist as you'd ever (decline to?) meet, but even I find that shrieking gyno-supremacists get quickly tedious.

At any rate, good luck to The Granger on HER procedure. Rest up, convallesce thoroughly, and come back to us stronger than ever.

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I think "human" has replaced

I think "human" has replaced the generic male-centric "man" as a descriptor.

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It's appropriate to say "good

It's appropriate to say "good luck man" to both men and women. I do.

Best wishes and speedy recovery, Granger.

I'd actually say "dude"

I'd actually say "dude" instead of "man"...even women and girls use that term these days.

man is just short for woman


Best of luck and health Granger