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NY Gun Law: "would refine a mental health law that allows for civil confinement of people determined to be a threat to others."

New York Gun Law: Tentative Deal on Gun Control:

People familiar with the internal negotiations say Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders have a tentative deal to enact the nation's first gun control measure following the Newtown, Conn., school shooting.


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you beat me to it. please

you beat me to it.

please delete my thread that I just posted


Actually it is quite transparent

Go find a 7 round magazine for .40 or 9mm pistol. They simply are not MADE in that small a capacity(off the top of my head even a .45 would be 8 no?) - so this makes all magazines in possession now illegal.

Wouldn't it have the

Wouldn't it have the additional plastic or metal piece that blocks the passage in the mag so only so many number of cartridges can be inserted.

I know the scariest part is the mental health issue

but I also find it interesting that they are reducing the magazine capacity limit from 10 to 7 rounds. Clearly 10 rounds is still too many and we will all be much safer if guns can only hold 7. /sarc

I knew it.

All the talk about "this isn't about guns, it's about mental health" = it's about magazines, and taking away your rights because we say you're crazy. I freaking knew it.

Oh boy, I wonder who gets to

Oh boy, I wonder who gets to pick and choose who's crazy and who isn't.

Wouldn't by any chance be the government would it?

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Welcome to Obama-care

Not a coincidence.

Headline should read:

Governor calls for his own confinement