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Lead With Liberty, Not Conspiracy


I've been as frustrated and outraged with the Sandy Hook conspiracy angle as most of you have been. The supposed grieving parents, all seem to be following a script involving fake crying. Then you see Obama do the exact same damn thing - wipe away a tear that's not there. I see a woman pretending to be a mother of a kid at the school who we later see with a different name and appears to be an actress. It's all so ugly and frightening with it's implications about the criminal elements in our government and outside of it.

The problem with conspiracy in the liberty movement is we simply lack the funds, resources and talent necessary to actually and properly investigate them. As a result numerous, probably false, conspiracies dominate the movement. None of us agree on every conspiracy. Some think the moon landing was fake, I think that's bull. Some think 9/11 was staged, I think that's bull, but then some believe 9/11 was REAL but done by our government and then others believe... See what I'm saying? It leads to a make-believe world where there are no "Facts" and instead there's just conspiracy. There's no grounding to our movement.

I just now spent an hour looking over Sandy Hook "actors". I could not figure it out. Too many names, too many people and too many pictures. The people did not all look exactly alike to me as was being suggested. But some did look alike. But the real question is, so what? Until the mainstream media is dead or revolutionized, they will never report on any of it. The funny part is, if you remember the law enforcement of New Town said they were tired of people "impersonating family members" online and in social media. In a sense we're saying the same thing - We're tired of ACTORS impersonating family members on TV! But my ONLY point in all of this is not to say there are no conspiracies, of course there are. JFK's murder was def a conspiracy, among other events.

All I'm saying is we should not make it the cornerstone or foundation of our movement. The foundation of our movement should be liberty and the support of non-aggression against peaceful individuals.

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"All I'm saying is we should

"All I'm saying is we should not make it the cornerstone or foundation of our movement. The foundation of our movement should be liberty and the support of non-aggression against peaceful individuals."

I get what you are trying to say, but in my opinion the crimes committed on Sept 11 was aggression against peaceful individuals and a direct assault on the principles of liberty. And we don't lack the resources nor the facts to demand answers. I and some others right here on this very forum have signed the petition for a new investigation of 9/11. It's not just a bunch of folks tuning into Alex Jones talking about this, but licensed and experienced architects and engineers armed with facts. Facts based on physics, the properties of steel, thermitic residue, molten steel, admittance by gov't officials of free fall speeds during collapse. Free fall only occurs in objects falling with zero resistance. The upper 10% of a building just doesn't crush the bottom 90% because of accleration due to gravity. I could build a scale model of those towers out of uncooked spaghetti noodles that would provide enough resitance to hold the bottom 90% of the structure in place.

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to track down things such as sandy hook,aurora
columbine,we need to have people who can travel
and report,what is the problem here?,could it be
that truth needs funded?
we need boots on the ground,reporting real news
this takes money,i know there are people who can report
its the money right?
the freedom movement needs a launchpad,a few reporters
and cash!!
if all we do is report that things are bad,and have no solution
we are part of our own problem

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That was my

That was my biggest disappointment with Ron Paul. He either didn't seem to care who pulled off the 911 attacks although the official conspiracy lies fell in line with his "blow-back" scenario, or he didn't take the time to listen to what the experts at Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth are saying, that the official conspiracy theory was impossible therefore some other sent of events happened.

He had the MSM's ear and the most powerful weapon imaginable (TRUTH) and failed to capitalize on the situation.


What is your take on how 911 played out? You said "bull" to two theories of 911 so you must have your own opinion to rule out the other two?

See where I'm going?

edit/ my bad.....

You said "bull" to one 911 theroy, but anyways, to get to the point, one reason why conspiracy might be soo big here is because some of us may actually have one or two hundred hours in on investigating Sandy Hook by now. When you got that much time in on something, you've got to bounce what you've learned off others and others "into it" like to do the same.

In the end it's just trying to get to the truth and we want others to know too.

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My 2 cents

The vile evil that perpetuates such horrible things in this world is easier to explain if it is a 'conspiracy theory,' I think some of us take comfort in them, others (like me) simply want to believe them because it would make so much more sense (and be cool in a weird way) and most have been conditioned to just roll their eyes.

The problem is the source - the average citizen is more likely to believe the TV because they have built a relationship with the TV, or the station, or the author, etc. so whatever the TV says it automatically has an in with most people.

But liberty is universal - I believe that it is inside our bones, it is a natural part of us, interwoven into our being, waiting to be rediscovered.

Tapping into THAT can truly reach a person much more than any conspiracy theory (most of the time).

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."

It's about the truth...

The adage is: “Look before you leap.” Looking means: “Acquire the necessary information to make an informed decision.” There is both truthful information out there and mendacious information. Those who listen to the MSM/ and realize that they are getting a load of misinformation try to understand why the MSM/ is intentionally disseminating information known to be untrue. The usual motivation for such is to obscure, hide, mask or camouflage the truth. Thinking individuals want to know why the MSM/ wants to hide the truth and investigates all information both that known to be provably true and that known to be provably false.

If you think that getting to the truth and making decisions based upon verifiable true information is inappropriate, then you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Just don’t be offended if I assign you zero credibility for ignoring reality.


Lead with liberty but point out and discuss the various fractions behind private banks. A good point is at the end of the documentary "The Money Masters" the narrator says to go after monetary reform instead of pointing out the key figures in the ponzi scheme.

I believe

that "conspiracy theories" would properly function as evidence, testimony and forensics within a just trial, however our civil justice system has politically strayed from such a humane dignity.

Otherwise if such was done after 9/11, I also believe that the ensuingly tragic 'wars' could have been avoided