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An Apology to the Sandy Hook "Conspiracy Theorists"

I want to express my sincerest apologies to all of those who had said, back when it happened, that the Sandy Hook shootings were fishy. I have never considered myself a "conspiracy theorist" [as I have always hated that term]. I have spent much time, in my self-education of liberty, in debunking things such as the 9/11 "truthers" and Bilderbergers--and I still see myself as a 9/11 "realist" (do not believe 9/11 was planned by US gov't, they "caused" it--blowback theory, etc.).

However, in my zeal of getting caught up in the term of "conspiracy theorist" and debunking others, I did not truly examine the evidence that was being presented to me about Sandy Hook. I have looked into most of the major shooting contradictions and coincidences, and while I still do not buy into all of them (the batman movie, Facebook pages, donation sites, FEMA training nearby), I have now accepted the fact that things did not happen the way I originally thought. While I offer no definitive theories of my own due to lack of evidence, I now understand that there is something awful that our government has had a part in.

What did it for me was the medical examiner claiming they were all killed with a long rifle when the rifle itself was found in the car. Also, the picture that surfaced of one of the dead children with the President taken after (or shortly before) the tragedy. And finally, the fact that the EMS were completely blocked and no where near the entrance of the school. Other minor things I cannot rule out.

I do not believe there were no victims, however, and innocents did die that day. However, with the Bay of Pigs, drone assassinations, etc on our government's record, I cannot rule out either that they have murdered citizens for political gain, especially with this gun control executive order stuff going on now.

So again, while I still do not consider myself a "conspiracy theorist" in the slightest (hey, the Federal Reserve System is conspiracy enough for one guy, right?), I do concede and apologize to all those I may have argued with for braking my number one rule... to think for yourself and to research before debating.

In liberty, as always,



Two things:

1) Because some people say it is insulting to say 9/11 "realist" I submit that now, I call myself a "blowbacker" instead. Please understand that it was not my intention to be insulting, I am just very frank with my thoughts at times.

2) I do not intend for this to be a debate thread. I will gladly discuss anything through PM's or through another thread. Feel free to send me a link!

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Lots of people are asking questions.

I live 15 minutes outside of Newtown, CT. After a month, the official story is falling apart. No official narrative even exists does it? The best info can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKSUs569Y-k

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

you still believe the official 911 story

You say you have spent much time debunking 911 conspiracy theories and done your research. If that is true, I would love to debate you on several issues regarding the official story. You cannot seriously believe the official commission report is credible and keep a straightface. 6 of the commissioners have even said they were lied to by the government and set up to fail. Debunk that. What a maroon.

Steven T

You should look at some of my above replies..

Such as the one that says:

"And just to conclude, saying that either I believe 9/11 was planned by the government or I believe what the government says is the equivalent of saying "You disagree with the Democrats/Republicans, you must be a Republican/Democrat." It's not a black or white, red team vs blue team answer often and it's insulting when it is insinuated by people who are supposed to know better."

Oh, and I graduated from Mississippi State, so calling me a maroon isn't much of an insult (our colors were maroon and white).

Zionist, collectivist extreemists

were the perpetrators of 9/11. There is no denying it with the mossads' fingerprints showing up all over the place; not to mention the fact that king Zionist Larry Silverstein made billions of dollars cashing in on the insurance policies he took out when he bought WTC 1,2, and 7 just months before 9/11.

The bush administration was controlled by Zionists/collectivists masquerading as "neo-conservatives," much like the Obama administration is controlled by zionists such as Rahm Emmanuel, Joe Biden, Brezinski, George Sorros etc...Two heads on the same beast..all of it leading to collectivist totalitarianism.

No just 9/11

The public is waking up

Uh oh

Watch A NOBLE LIE OKC Bombing documentary

I interviewed the maker of the film. Here is the two part interview on Youtube. He really starts riffing in part two.



I don't know if you can see A Noble Lie for free yet.

I showed A Noble Lie at the local library.

note: 19 children were killed in the Oklahoma City bombing...

Self Proclaimed Experts/911 commission

Nick....after reading you post I have to ask.Will you please answer the questions that are being ask by over 2,000 Architects,and engineers about 911.If you would,you can put the entire thing to rest.
Unless! of course! you feel that the 911 commission has more knowledge than the 2,000 plus experts,and everything the 911 commission say`s is the undeniable truth...OK?
Please do not try to evade this request...the world is waiting for the answers you have that made you believe the Gov. Please tell us what happened on 911...Please!!!

Fed Up Vet


And just to conclude, saying that either I believe 9/11 was planned by the government or I believe what the government says is the equivalent of saying "You disagree with the Democrats/Republicans, you must be a Republican/Democrat." It's not a black or white, red team vs blue team answer often and it's insulting when it is insinuated by people who are supposed to know better.

Part 4

I could literally go on to every claim, but that takes a lot of time and my fiance is sick in bed, so I'm going to go watch a movie with her. I know even after posting some of that, people will still doubt and question and might even call me "asleep" or a "sheep" or something.

I want to let you know, for clarity: I do not think it is a bad thing to question the government. As I've explained many times before, I am an anarchist and think everything they do is a means to an end, usually involving robbing people of their liberties. However, I think sometimes 9/11 people are a little over-zealous and refuse to see the more plausible and simple explanations (which, by the way, does NOT mean the "official story").

And remember, the whole point of this thread was to show you, "Hey, I admit when I am wrong and have been convinced otherwise." I am sold, there is something really weird and too many lies surrounding Sandy Hook, and it's not very hard to conclude that it may have been part of a bigger ploy to disarm the general public. I do not offer a theory, as I have no evidence. But in the same way I try to be rational with Sandy Hook, 9/11 "truth", and other things deemed "conpiracy theories" I ask you to please examine the other side of the story as well, as you may realize that the evidence contradicts your held beliefs.

And remember, absolutely no evidence can contradict that the government is an evil agency composed of thieves and murderers; just because I do not think they "engineered" 9/11 does not mean that I do not think they did no cause/lead to it happening due to a terrible foreign policy--and I definitely know they used it to further preordained agendas.

Part 3

"Fell Onto Itself"

This one is easy. It most certainly did not.

http://www.debunking911.com/b7debris.jpg shows how the tower collapse was extremely messy. Fell all over neighboring streets.

One of the most convincing "reason" I have heard for what caused the collapse is that the fire weekended the structural columns under the east penthouse, and it fell first. If you watch the videos, you can see that this is indeed how the building fell--the east penthouse caving in first, then the rest of the building. See this video : http://youtu.be/CLHwvwJCmgk (it also shows the length of time it took for the entire thing to collapse).

Part 2

"Free-fall speeds"

I refer you to this paper: http://www.911myths.com/WTCREPORT.pdf

Part 1

Okay, there's a lot of things to "debunk" out there that all cannot fit into a single post. First of all, for every expert that thinks that 9/11 was a controlled demolition, there are hundreds of experts who disagree. Recently they have put out a journal (Journal of Debunking 9/11) that has some pretty good stuff.

Most of the evidence that it was a controlled demolition is actually pretty poor when you analyze it. Since everyone mostly sees WTCB7 as the crux of their theory, I will attempt to explain it first. I will brake this into parts, so please do not reply until I have every part down, it's a lot of info.

The "Pull It" Quote

The actual quote by Mr. Silverstein: "I remember getting a call from the Fire Department commander, telling me they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, you know, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is just pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse."

Fact: He was not a demolition expert.
Fact: He was talking to the FD commander

His spokesperson later claimed that he was talking about withdrawing from the building, which is disputed. However, the following is the quote by Richard Banasciski:

"They told us to get out of there because they were worried about 7 World Trade Center, which is right behind it, coming down. We were up on the upper floors of the Verizon building looking at it. You could just see the whole bottom corner of the building was gone. We could look right out over to where the Trade Centers were because we were that high up. Looking over the smaller buildings. I just remember it was tremendous, tremendous fires going on. Finally they pulled us out. They said all right, get out of that building because that 7, they were really worried about. They pulled us out of there and then they regrouped everybody on Vesey Street, between the water and West Street. They put everybody back in there. Finally it did come down. From there - this is much later on in the day, because every day we were so worried about that building we didn't really want to get people close. They were trying to limit the amount of people that were in there. Finally it did come down."

you are a complete idiot

Are you for real?

Steven T

I am so sick of this stuff

Whether it happened or not doesn't matter as far as gun control goes. I find it sad that we have to wonder if our government was involved in events like this one.

I don't get how anyone who has lost a child could even form words let alone SMILE WTF!!!

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Some would like to watch this - 1h30m:



So how did WTC building 7,

So how did WTC building 7, which wasn't hit by any plane, collapse at free-fall rate? Why was molten steel, observed by 1st responders, found at WTC 1 and 2?


Would someone please explain how Rudi was not put in jail for tampering with evidence,and how he got away with sending dead bodies to a land fill.

Fed Up Vet

Why real victims without real victims families?

Why all these actors as victims families instead of the real thing? Because they don't have the real thing - no real victims families exist, and hence, no victims exist. Without victims, this story has no core, and it doesn't matter if there should have been 2 or 5 guns, the coroner, medications, and who owned the car.

Here is a video compilation on these REPORTED family members two days after their little princesses were shot in the head. Which one are real? Non of them - they are all actors:

The Sandy Hook Actors PART 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KDZQ10c8O4
The Sandy Hook Actors PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QVKu4_JxcE
The Sandy Hook Actors PART 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_b9hh2lp3I


Where are the neighbors? dosn`t anyone know the people that lost a child? Where are they? Do they not know that the little boy,or,girl that use to live next door is gone? Where are the neighbors? Where are the relatives? Where is the clergy? Where is everyone? Check the Funeral parlors records.Check the Florist.Check the milk man by god!
CHECK SOMETHING!!!!! Does anyone know these actors? Do they really live in this town? All of this could be discovered in a day...what he hell is wrong with you people? Check the water you drink also.Seem like you people got a very large dose of something,aka (cool aid" maybe...Do Something!!

Fed Up Vet

Question Everything & Don't Believe Everything You Read

"Conspiracy theory" is a term that was invented by those in power to simply ridicule and dismiss those who question (authority if you will). There's NOTHING wrong with questioning, specially when coming from the government and an agenda seems to be tied to it. There is EVERYTHING wrong when blindly believing everything you are told.


Unfortunately for many, one of the possible "side effects" of one "waking up" tends to go from being a skeptic about "conspiracy" theories, and to transforming into a skeptic of not believing anything that comes from the government/msm anymore.

For example:
AFTER a tragedy/massacre:

Usual thought BEFORE personal change: "What will the crazy conspiracy theorists drum up this time."

Usual thought AFTER personal change: "False Flag incident"

The trick is not to go "BLINDLY" to either extreme.

Any whistleblowers will also be labeled Conspiracy Theorist™

- and dismissed.

My simple rule.

People are innocent until proven guilty.

Government is guilty until proven innocent. Governments have killed 200 million this decade?

Rules of evidence are a good guide. What could stand up in court or what will fail.

News stories are produced to provide an apparent motive and opportunity.

The crazy kid with a gun showed up at school we are told.

A crazed (motive) man was arrested on the scene(opportunity) killed a Federal Judge and injured a Representative.

For 911, the "rumblings" out of NYC never seem to support the official story. That and the fact that their were bullets but no guns. No evidence of commercial airliners were ever found at the crime scene or vicinity. We had hijackers but no airliners?

The pancake theory of collapse. One hundred and two floors of 4" concrete on a metal deck. None of the photos showed a three story tall stack of pancakes. What pulverized the concrete and plasterboard and spread the dust over lower Manhattan?

Every criminal investigator has to consider a conspiracy.

Conspirators accidentally brought down Enron, and so got caught.

Records of that investigation where destroyed when Building 7 collapse
destroyed the offices of the SEC along with others. Lucky day?

I am not a 911 anything. The facts will tell the story if they are ever uncovered.

Why this is a bid deal is if Government was involved, we have a problem.

If not we have a madman or a private conspiracy undetected. Either is a problem.

Have doubts, but provide evidence or sound logical conclusions.

That's what I try to do.

Free includes debt-free!



my take

there were 2 weapons that looked like rifles found. they reported this pretty soon after the incident. people here did not believe i saw them talk about it but another poster posted the news report. apparently one rifle was an ar-15 that he had on him but was not reported at first and the other rifle in the car was a saige combat type shotgun that looks like an ar or ak cross and holds a mag.

i don't believe it was the same girl in the photo but if someone will post it again i'll take another look. more disturbing is the emotional state of a lot of the people involved. they did not seem to be grieving in the same way that i would. when my 10+ year old dog died i could hardly speak about it for weeks. all these smiling people doing interviews and posing with the pres for pics was weird to me.

as far as the ambulance thing goes i can't say because all i have seen was the aftermath when it was chaos. maybe the ambulances already came and went by the time the news chopper got there. if anyone has other video of the scene early on post it and i'll take a look.

as far as the 911 stuff i don't think there are a lot of people who believe in a sandy hook conspiracy that don't believe in a 9-11 conspiracy. i'm guessing "most" people who believe in the SH conspiracy also believe in the 9-11 ones too.

as far as the actors and look alike stuff i don't buy that or most of the real wacky stuff that's been put out. many of the ct's that were posted early on have been debunked.

there is definitely a lot of unanswered questions and they should release the surveillance video footage asap.

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Suposedly 600 students with a min. 1 parent each

Where are they all?

raw footage.

too many questions with too few answers leads to speculation.

why the lack of photos?

I'm puzzled by the lack of pictures of the 600 students and their parents. Also, the fire station where we were told they went must have been very crowded. With so many cell phone cameras, why is it that photos of all the children and their parents are so absent? Since it must have taken quite a while to walk all the children to the fire station a block or so away and for parents to drop whatever they were doing and get to the fire station, there would have been a lot of time for cameras to come out. Also, how many people can be squeezed into a fire house?

Excellent question.


Theories are theories...

But the bottom line is that the media changed the story to fit their agenda.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.