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An Apology to the Sandy Hook "Conspiracy Theorists"

I want to express my sincerest apologies to all of those who had said, back when it happened, that the Sandy Hook shootings were fishy. I have never considered myself a "conspiracy theorist" [as I have always hated that term]. I have spent much time, in my self-education of liberty, in debunking things such as the 9/11 "truthers" and Bilderbergers--and I still see myself as a 9/11 "realist" (do not believe 9/11 was planned by US gov't, they "caused" it--blowback theory, etc.).

However, in my zeal of getting caught up in the term of "conspiracy theorist" and debunking others, I did not truly examine the evidence that was being presented to me about Sandy Hook. I have looked into most of the major shooting contradictions and coincidences, and while I still do not buy into all of them (the batman movie, Facebook pages, donation sites, FEMA training nearby), I have now accepted the fact that things did not happen the way I originally thought. While I offer no definitive theories of my own due to lack of evidence, I now understand that there is something awful that our government has had a part in.

What did it for me was the medical examiner claiming they were all killed with a long rifle when the rifle itself was found in the car. Also, the picture that surfaced of one of the dead children with the President taken after (or shortly before) the tragedy. And finally, the fact that the EMS were completely blocked and no where near the entrance of the school. Other minor things I cannot rule out.

I do not believe there were no victims, however, and innocents did die that day. However, with the Bay of Pigs, drone assassinations, etc on our government's record, I cannot rule out either that they have murdered citizens for political gain, especially with this gun control executive order stuff going on now.

So again, while I still do not consider myself a "conspiracy theorist" in the slightest (hey, the Federal Reserve System is conspiracy enough for one guy, right?), I do concede and apologize to all those I may have argued with for braking my number one rule... to think for yourself and to research before debating.

In liberty, as always,



Two things:

1) Because some people say it is insulting to say 9/11 "realist" I submit that now, I call myself a "blowbacker" instead. Please understand that it was not my intention to be insulting, I am just very frank with my thoughts at times.

2) I do not intend for this to be a debate thread. I will gladly discuss anything through PM's or through another thread. Feel free to send me a link!

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Understand that the "conspiracy theorist" is a red herring meant to discredit extreme ideas when the presented evidence is undesirable. There is no theory when the facts substantiate the activity that is called conspiracy. A conspiracy is a real thing and the facts lead only to one conclusion.

Presidents have warned us of a conspiracy. (JFK, Woodrow Wilson, Dwight Eisenhower)

Gravitational physics acting on falling bodies in the Earth's field cannot be discredited. The WTCs were demolished.

Rain, wind and food samples show a host of known toxins in them with what can only be a sinister goal in mind. (Fluoride water, aluminum air, and unhealthy and sometimes toxic food.)

Evidence of a conspiracy is what matters. All those who do not know the evidence of the world we live in has not done enough personal investigation. The truth is real and it hurts sometimes. Wake everyone up so that we do not all have to suffer the horrendous consequences of letting the conspirators get their way.

Takes a big person

to do that. Cheers, I hope we all find out the truth someday. The only thing I know for sure about anything is that the US government can't be trusted.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Questioning is a sign of a healthy mind.

There is nothing wrong with looking at all you can see and using common sence, I don't always embrace the theories but I do ebrace the questions, how else does one discover truth?


Homeland Security and Crisis Actors

You'll recognize a few of the Sandy Hook actors in these Crisis Actors Homeland Security Info Videos.

"Condemnation without Investigation is the Height of Ignorance"

quote is by Albert Einstein. (It may come in handy in the future.)

I know what the OP means. I consider myself fairly 'awake', but when I first read of the FL professor who doubts the whole event, my knee jerk reaction was "That's ridiculous." Old habits die hard.
Then I remembered the Einstein quote above.

picture w/ President?

"Also, the picture that surfaced of one of the dead children with the President taken after (or shortly before) the tragedy."

I am unfamiliar with this bit. Please post link(s).

That is one of the only one's I'm not sure about

I still think that one may be the younger sister- older and wearing her dress. But most of the other things lead me to question the whole situation.

it's in this video

and so is a whole bunch of other stuff you might not have seen yet:


only about 6 minutes

Unless you were there

and witnessed the whole thing, you'll never get or know the straight story. Underwear Bomber? Fort Hood? Those stories, just like Sandy Hook, changed multiple times in the first 24 hours. The illusion of choice isn't relegated just to the ballot box. You're offered a 'choice' in what you believe about what should be just the facts...
Deception....Makes us divided, confused, ambivalent. It's a tried and true tactic of war.


Excellent post. You said what many of us were thinking. I live 8 minutes outside of Newtown. I'm glad i'm not the only one having trouble with the official story.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

deacon's picture

that close to newtown?

may i ask a huge,huge favor of you?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Now That

you're thinking freely again, take a look at Building 7 collapsing, and tell me (a Structural Engineer) that that was not a controlled demolition.

French Geophysicist Analzed the Seismic Data . . .

he concluded that the buildings were made to collapse by explosives. Not enough energy in the plane to do the job.

He has no theories as to who & why. That is outside his area of expertise.

Websearch "Corbett Report". James Corbett conducted the interview.


It was not a controlled demolition :)


Apology accepted.

...and greatly respected. I would caution you however to not believe anything until all the facts are reviewed. As far as anyone dying or not... the only HEARSAY we have about that is the coroner and the police - both reports conflicting with each other.

If that doesn't put a shred of doubt in your mind I don't know what can.

you need to open your mind a

you need to open your mind a little. 911 is real, the Trilaterl commission, bilderbergs and the CFR are real along with a host of other stuff. the world is not black and white.

My mind is very open. I am

My mind is very open. I am always willing to admit that I am wrong and change my views when the evidence contradicts my viewpoint. Hence, this post.

And I know 9/11, bilderbergs, and the CFR are "real," I just do not necessarily believe they have the role that many others think they do in world affairs. Or I have a "watered down" view (for lack of a better term).

I definitely would rather people have strong distrust in government than blind acceptance, though.

I am 49 years old. I was

I am 49 years old. I was introduced to all of this stuff back when I was 14/15 years old by my grandfather. You need to read. First get a book called none dare call it conspiracy. Next get the follow up book called, call it conspiracy. Those 2 books give you everything you need. Yes there are many other ways to get your info unfiltered from the state. So from then till now I have had the chance to watch this whole thing in action. It is all about a one world government, one world bank and a one world church. The US is the last nation with a bunch of people who resist this one world government. We are being taken down by design. The dollar is being destroyed by design. Our economy is being destroyed by design. Our morality is being destroyed by design. Those who do not see this are naive, dumb, blind or stupid or a combination of the above. All you have to do is look at world history. there has always been someone or something wanting to rule the world. In our time is the new world order brought to us by one of our own Presidents George H W Bush. 911 was by design. The list goes on and on. You will see it if you look at the evidence.



I love it when someone calls themselves a realist. Everyone thinks there point of view is what really happened but only a realist can't even imagine the other side thinks of own point of view as realistic.

Reminds me of piers sayings that people who want guns want little kids dead. Why can't we start from understanding that everyone wants what's best for the country and now look at the merits of there plan.

A realist wont consider any alternate points of view because only they are living in reality.

Eh, don't think so

No, I considered the other points of view. I say "realist" because "truther" and "sheep who believes the official story" are already taken, and "blowbacker" just sounds dirty.

So, would you agree all the structural engineers, firemen who...

were on the scene when the towers fell and said they heard explosions before they fell aren't "realist'?

I'm the opposite of you with 911. I laughed when people spoke of it being an inside job. I don't any more.

After hearing testimony from "realist" witnesses, I know it was an inside job.

Sandy Hook? I don't believe it was a false flag but I'm "realist" enough to keep an open-mind. I want to hear/see more evidence before making a final decision.

Most of the reasons I've

Most of the reasons I've heard for why it was an inside job are easily explainable, and after doing my research I stand firm.

I still do not know what actually happened at Sandy Hook, but I do know that so many different lies from different people make me wish I had never insulted people who questioned the official story, which is why I am apologizing.

You're avoiding the questions....

The structural engineers are wrong? The firemen are wrong?

Don't shift the discussion to conspiracy theorist political arguments, stick with real physical facts.

if you want to stick to facts...

you would admit that there were firemen on the ground who believed the building was going to collapse due to massive fires. Most 9/11 truth presentations never show this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk5o-zmvMiM&feature=youtu.be

if you wanted to stick to facts you would note that there are many structural engineers who do not support 9/11 truth. There are over 100,000 engineers in ASCE who do not support 9/11 truth. How many structural engineers are part of AE911 truth? Just attacking this guy by saying "structural engineers are wrong?" is a baseless appeal to authority that is grossly out of context.

Give the guy a break anyway. they are talking about an awakening they had to sandy hook. lay off. honestly.

The facts are that there a lot of questions...

that can't be explained with physical science. The facts are a lot of information has been hidden or ignored and the reasoning is obvious.

How is asking a simply question tantamount to "attacking" him?

No need to reply. I don't care.


Sorry, what questions am I avoiding? Maybe we should start a 9/11 debate thread instead, would that help?

You're right....

No 911 discussion necessary. You're the one that brought 911 into the thread with your original comment. After reading it, I should have down voted it and moved on.

You're entitled to believe what you want but I respectfully disagree.

Complete BS

So easily explain the explosions, easily explain the shorting of airlines stock, easily explain the 2.3 trillion that went missing per Rumsfield the day before then they hit the exact location of investigation in the pentagon. etc. etc

You make no sense or you didn't do any research

You brought this on yourself .. if there is any conspiracy theory that is complete BS it is the official story