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Judge Napolitano: Obama Cannot Use the 14th Amendment to Raise the Debt Ceiling

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Very well done, though I wish they had touched on one more point

That the phrase "shall not be questioned" does not translate into "must be paid by borrowing more."

Yes, the debt, already incurred, is valid, and cannot be questioned, even if you take it in modern context instead of just with respect to the debt incurred by Comrade Lincoln in his War of Northern Aggression.

But that doesn't mean that MORE debt must be incurred in order to "pay" for the previous unquestionable debt.

The debt is valid and must be paid. Congress has the option to raise taxes, or reduce spending in order to pay it.

This is such plain English, it baffles me that any politician is so stupid they can't comprehend it. Quite honestly, I think it more likely that they are not stupid, they don't have the IQ of a carrot, and they are in fact intentionally attempting to eviscerate the Constitution and just do whatever they hell they damned well please. Which calls for only one solution - the States eviscerating THEM.

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