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The New Healthcare Law Strikes Again

My 28 year old stepson, who has Downs Syndrome, is employed at what is called a "sheltered workshop". These are places that employ people with either cognitive or physical limitations that may prevent them from working in most other environments. This particular organization is a non-profit which specializes in packaging work in their physical plant. This type of work is perfect for people like our son. It is simple repetitive work, no doubt, but it does keep him active and engaged. And it also allows him to earn some money.

Today he came home with a memo from the 'company'. They have explained that all employees will now work one hour less a week. The reason? Well, apparently if they continued to work their normal 30 hour work week, then this organization would be forced to either provide 'affordable health insurance' or face monthly fines for each employee they have. They explained in the memo that either option would mean the end of their organization.

Now the cost of this absurdity goes way beyond a mere loss of an hours wage each week, which is bad enough for these very low income individuals. Most of these individuals cannot drive, and therefore must count on other means of transportation. Now all their families must scramble to make arrangements as best they can. This is just one more straw on the camels back.. but it is one that makes my blood boil.

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Your son's story

is but one of the many tragedies that are going to result from the implementation of the worst piece of legislation to be passed in this country in almost 100 years. I don't think the people of this nation fully realize yet the devastating ripple effects that are going to occur as a result of it, and I can only hope that when they do it is enough of a wake-up call to finally get a majority in this country engaged in defending their rights again.

I am so sorry to hear about your sons loss and truly do pray that we can find a way to reverse or nullify this devastating encroachment on our rights before the damage is irreversible.

This is happening or soon

This is happening or soon will in fast food places, diners, retail stores, etc.! It's the governments way of creating JOBS! Now instead of 10 people working 40 hours, they hire 14 people and work them 29 hours! Four more people get employed, and 10 people get a 25% reduction in their pay check, but the "official" unemployment numbers go down making Obama and the government look like saviors of the economy! And no extra people get health insurance, but the government gets credit as if they did!

Thank our comrades in

Thank our comrades in Washington for their concern.

So sorry to hear this

as we have several of these organizations locally. Our children are our greatest assets and my heart goes out to you, your son and your family. We need to get into local and state politics and oust this monstrosity of a law.

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Great to see you back, reedr3v! Happy New Year. . .

well actually 2013 is starting as a Frustrating New Year with ObmCare effect kicking in. . . devastatingly working against the most vulnerable, like R-Michael's stepson :-(

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I hear you