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"Your Disease": Original song by DP poster! Please have a listen :)

I've been writing a lot, but lo and behold, I'm unsexy and I know it. When I write songs like these, it appears they are too "heavy" lyrically for most people to appreciate. So I find myself returning to the DP for a little unabashed criticism. Just a demo. Have at it, and thanks for listening :)

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In case you were taking a nap...

Self-bump! :) Oh yeah, i'm in a mood tonight. It appears that I was making an appeal for "unabashed criticism" when I first posted this. You let me down, DP'ers. I'm trying to write music with a libertarian message. Where can I go but here? And if not here...hang it up?

Yours in Liberty,

Enjoyed song and music...

Liked your voice as well - especially the refrain "your disease" (or whatever that part would be called)
The lyrics evoked some great visual images as well...not to heavy for me - I like the serious stuff.
Post again when you have the guitar solo included...


Thank you very much for taking the time :) I will be working on it!

Yours in Liberty,