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What To Do When They Come For Your Guns...

Very good video. I'm sure it will upset the hotheads and armchair preppers.


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If someone comes for your guns you weigh your options

These people with the bunker and last stand at the house mentality are bonkers.

If you're really ready to shoot at US Forces then you are at war with them. You'd best adopt the insurgent strategy focused on supply lines instead.

This is 2013, resisting SWAT at your home is the 1776 equivalent to lining up to march against the redcoats by yourself.

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There's a difference between spontaneous & planned resistance

One wins wars the other let's you survive if you're lucky.

Hiding in your house waiting for SWAT is so stupid. They could just arrest you at a checkpoint and search your house when you aren't there.

Active resistance mostly involves crippling infrastructure and resources needed by functional government. Shooting people is really low on the list when you look at the command and control facilities required by the current system.

What's so hard for you to figure out? Are you too old and crippled? Sounds like a bunch of moot points.

Either way it's just a matter of time till the government begins to stage IEDs and bombings to bring in more tyranny. So keep planning to just hide in your home or the woods and have a fantasy shoot out like cowboys or something.

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Washington_2020 - you disrespect the past!

"resisting SWAT at your home is the 1776 equivalent to lining up to march against the redcoats by yourself"

The below was one of those "bonkers" people! Yes he died, and I guess that makes you happy since it proves your point. But, I would rather die that way than starving in a FEMA camp!


Yep, and that is why Paul Revere et al mustered MANY men to

protect the militia arsenals at Lexington and Concord.

They came to each others aid to resist disarmament.

They didn't roll over and let the British take their guns from them.


It is rude and ignorant to comment on a video without watching it. The minister in the video explicitly said that going to a FEMA camp was not an option and thus grounds for a final stand.

PS. Washington "retreated" several times against the British. He understood that suicide was not an effective strategy for advancing his cause. Because of his rationalism, he and his men lived to fight another day.

But they kept their GUNS genius. Washington retreated, he never


You and the pastor have these two things confused.

And anyone who thinks a FEMA camp is NOT in your future if you disarm, you are living in la la land.

The choice IS between certain death/enslavement/camp or resist and possibly live.

The option to disarm and be left alone is pure fiction.

Why would they leave you alone once you disarmed?

You have no ability to STOP them from doing anything to you.

Are you of the silly notion that all they WANT to do is disarm you and then leave you alone?


Disarmament is NOT the end. It is a means. The end is global tyranny. They refer to it as "social democracy" or "communism" or the like. They intend to EXTERMINATE all resisters.

They can't do that easily enough if you are armed.

So if you disarm, they can then either compel your obedience to the state, or murder you and you can't harm them. (not easily anyway) They might imprison you before they kill you though. They'll need slave labor since the economy will be in the crapper when they do this.

How are you going to make a

How are you going to make a stand with no weapon that the pastor just told you to turn in... you know live to fight another day.... get real. Washington never turned in his arms either.

Same as the Viet Cong, French Underground, Taliban, etc, etc

Resistors are more rare and valuable than bullets and a slug-thrower.

They take your gun? Okay, for all they know you were just a previous gun owner. There's a reason they are criminalizing video and photography.

Ever heard of recon? Intel?

Someone has to the grunt work in this thing, not everyone can have fantasy shoot-outs and 'blazes of glory'.

Get real.

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So, in your world

anyone too old, or infirm can only do what they are told. They are not allowed to even think of freedom? If they are missing their legs and cannot move quickly enough for you then you don't want them to even give up their life trying to stop the tyranny? If they are too old to run and hide in the hills then they are just stupid idiots that deserve what comes to them and shouldn't even try to stop even one of the criminals.
I don't think I like your world!!

For Christ sake

let me clue you in....they aren't going to utilize the military!
It will be agencies and their cowboys who they will send. They are counting on the "head in the sand " strategy that will be based upon us watching and remaining docile as they come for others. These mid level shaven headed bureaucrats who will be armed with some of the untold millions of hollow point ammo the government procured recently have proven time and again that they will kill anyone at the drop of a hat....and that includes our kids. I know what I'm prepared to do...how about all you others? Be prepared for more Ruby Ridge's and a lot more Waco's. We need to let the perps of such actions know that they and all around them will be held accountable just as they treat any one who associates or is family with us is in their cross hairs.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

they are going to send UN

they are going to send UN troops. They are already here.


but you cannot "hold them "accountable" if you are dead.

You can't hold them accountable without a gun either.

How do you expect to hold them accountable from inside a FEMA camp?

"What To Do When They Come

"What To Do When They Come For Your Guns...", is rather irrelevant. They'll come in packs of 100, armed with anything from machine guns to attack helicopters. Or perhaps drones.

What counts is, what do you do when they come for someone elses guns? What do you do when national policy is to disarm you, to make you a more pliable slave?

The only way to win that one, is to deny them the ability to pick each and every battle in the war to be to their advantage. In reality there are 10-100 times more patriots than paid enforcers fro the oppressors. BUT, as long as each patriot sits in his living room waiting for them to knock down his door, the oppressors get to enjoy the 10-100 times superior force in every battle.

Say instead, that as soon as confiscation becomes policy, 10 million gun owning patriots immediately starts going about proactively killing all those in a position to confiscate their guns. Not making stupid "statements" of self promotion, but just quietly and methodically search out all those likely to take part in confiscation on the oppressors' side. And then kill them. One by one. Without making a big display of it. Just quietly kill, and disappear into the night. In not too long, the finite number of people once likely to take part in confiscation, will be severely reduced. Then, keep killing, until they are eliminated. Do that, and in not too long, noone will have to worry about such silliness as what to do when "they" come for my guns. Since "they" will no longer be in any position to do so. Problem solved.

Of course, the above is pure fiction. I would never recommend anyone doing anything illegal, as doing so on the internet may well be illegal, the way pretty much all acts that threatens or inconveniences the powerful and well connected are.

You have stated succinctly the realities of our quandry

and I could not agree more with your rationale. These guys are brutal and would torture our loved ones in order to gain any type of advantage over us, but do we wish to deal with our selves if we become as vile and evil as they? Oh yeah....I'm in, we gotta fight fire with fire here, these clowns are entrenched. We gotta admit there's nothing like preparing to go to the mattresses to bring out the latent, repressed schizophrenia in us all.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Like the minute man said

"I'm too old to run" So I may as well try to take a few of them out before I go down. Lighten the load on the rest of the country! One thing I will not do is kneel before them, unless it's to steady my aim!

You may be ignorant of history, but please don't doom any

one else to suffer repeating it because of your own cowardice and stupidity.

If you don't resist when they come to disarm you, you are as good as dead. History proves it.

You have ZERO evidence or human experience to back up any claim to the contrary.

The only way to have any chance of survival is to take them out if at all possible. If you die trying, that's no worse, and likely better, than dying anyway in a camp or prison.

Actually, You Are Ignorant of History

At no point in the video dis the minister say that going into a FEMA camp was acceptable. If the choices are death in a camp or death in a firefight, then a firefight is preferable and dignified.

But of the choice is death in a firefight or merely losing a gun then the choice is obvious for any person who desires victory.

Strategic retreat was the hallmark of Washington's strategy. Resisting (forgoing escape) when the result is certain annihilation is stupid and the choice of hothead idiots. History is repleat with strategic retreats. The British strategically retreated from Dunkirk, saved their army, regrouped, and lived to fight again. Conversely, the Spartans and the Germans refused to retreat due to their stubborn egos and were thus totally annihilated.

Live to fight another day. Read Sun Tzu.

The point made in the video is not that you should proactively comply, but rather once confronted with the option of 1) surrender a gun and be left alone or 2) stand your ground and end up incinerated like David Koresh, then the rational choice is obvious.

Retreat, regroup, then retake.

Use your brain, not your ego.

Your are using incidents that do not apply.

Did General Washington retreat or did he DISARM?

Would he have DISARMED?

Were not the first battles of the revolution over resisting DISARMAMENT? (Lexington and Concord)

Did the British disarm at Dunkirk, or just retreat WITH THEIR ARMS?

You can't "fight another day" if you have nothing to fight with.

The Germans and Spartans didn't lose because they resisted instead of retreating, they lost because they got beat.

You also seem to confuse the idea that if one disarms, one has not thus "lost."

If an army disarms, it has no choice but surrender, and thus - it lost.

You are using the idea of strategic retreat of an Army that REMAINS ARMED and thus ABLE to "fight another day" and confusing that with allowing yourself to be disarmed and not resisting.

Secondly, the choice is NOT between disarming and being left alone or resisting and dying.

The choice is being disarmed and surely dying either immediately or in a camp, or resisting and maybe dying, depending on your success at resisting.

The option to "disarm and be left alone" is pure wishful thinking and does not exist. It is koolaid that tyrants peddle to get sheep to move to slaughter.

Disarmed people are not left alone by their governments. They are enslaved. And if they resist enslavement, they are murdered.

What to do when "THEY" come for your guns?

Who are the "THEY" that are gonna take guns?


they are not coming for ALL the guns

They are just going to try and make it so freaking hard to get NEW guns..., and more importantly ammunition, that having a gun wont make a difference because most wont have enough ammo.


Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.

That's only how it starts

It always ends in full gun confiscation.

It's called a New World Order, not a fuzzy liberal dream.

Under the Agenda 21 treaty, the US traitors signed the small arms ban that requires the removal of all firearms.

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Lest We Forget

...The year?...1954....Americans sat around their TVs and watched:


Did Francis Marion have a "Bug-Out-Bag"?

Ah yes! When men had testicles.
Gird your loins up boys!...The BATTLE is BEGUN...we will all fight in our own way....so please....have respect....and courtesy to each other.

Long live the Republic!....OUST the RASCALS!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

And Another Thing

...The colonists used "stealth", hiding behind trees, rock walls etc.

WE invented "Guerrilla Warfare"....The French had "The Resistance" during WW2.

This preacher-man seems to be part of the new "Vichy Government".

Claude Rains was way more fun to watch:

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

From the movie the patriot

"We can't go musket to musket against the British" so they fought like the American Indians did, using stealth and guerrilla tactics.

People just hate the truth

If people had ANY sense about them, they would be prepared to hand in all registered guns and live through it. They would also be learning from vinceableworld and TheSouth and so many others and learning ALL YOU CAN about the legal system.
Folks, we could not even win a primary. We are seriously outnumbered and outgunned, but we have people like Carl Miller several folks right here on the DP ready to kick ass in court. THEY want the first encounter to end in a bloodbath, and THEY hope it triggers a civil war. The test case will come, there WILL be a false flag, and if we try to save our right to arms with violence, we will lose one way or another.
Whoever is the first target... If they really want to "take one for the team" they need to go peacefully and let us get our best and brightest legal minds to fight this battle for us.
We have to live to fight another way.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I can't edit my post, but here is my edit

Not hand the guns in, my mistake. REFUSE to hand them in, but go to jail peacefully.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

While some are singing "Koom by ya"

We'll be singing "Tin Soldiers and Nixon Coming".

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

That comment brought another song to mind

"we just smiled and waved, sittin on that sack of seeds"(ammo), "youall come back now ya hear?"

Strategy is a lost art

People are clearly NOT being rational.
"Gun owners" are being painted as trigger happy loons. The FIRST battle will sway a LOT of public opinion. Some will sing Kumbaya, some will sing some Neil Young, but what we need is someone to play Perry Mason and make the FIRST battle one in COURT, rather than a media circus Waco scene.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.