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What To Do When They Come For Your Guns...

Very good video. I'm sure it will upset the hotheads and armchair preppers.


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Listen Fishy

We've lost the courts. They are the domain of bottom feeding denizens who sit at the bottom of the political food chain. The first individuals, be them magistrates, common pleas judges or what ever would be able to legally tie up any resistance for months which would allow the system to proceed. Your lawyer friends will be sitting perfecting a lot of paper work while the Gestapo is moving forward.

If not us than who?

All a judge has to do

is say you don't have "standing" (which they interpret however they want.
Do you think that maybe some of the people in Germany complained to their representatives, even before they were being loaded on the trains?
Our lawmakers no longer listen to the people.
Bank bailouts - phone calls, faxes, emails, snail mails all running 1000 to 1 against, but they passed it anyway.
Patriot act - totally unconstitutional, not only did they pass it, they keep passing it!
NDAA - Ok, National Defence Authorisation Act - but declaring American citizens as terrorists and subjecting them to indefinite detention without recourse to an attorney? That keeps getting passed? Why?
Any questions, and I mean ANY, about Obama's past and you are declared an idiot, racist, or conspiracy theorist (or all three) without even trying to show that the question is wrong.

This is not the Republic of the United States, you now live in the Democracy of the United States of America. Mob rule! (and the mob consists of the corporations!)

Once you have given up your guns, and you loose your lawsuits, what do you do? Get on the trains?

Life is a great big circus show

and sometimes, we have to play to the audience. The FIRST battle - if it is a gun battle - will cement the image of "dangerous gun owner" in the collective psyche. If the FIRST battle is a court battle, even if it is Kabuki court, will wake more people up.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

The first battle?

Ruby Ridge 1992
Branch Davidian Church 1993

But then again, most people don't realise that those were gun grabs by the government.

EXACTLY my point.

They will set someone up. There will be another Ruby Ridge, another Waco, I am a bit worried that this "Citadel" is the set up... But where ever and when ever it comes, the FIRST people need to just go peacefully. And they need to know that the rest of us are in on the plan and will send our very best legal minds to their aid. We have a WEALTH of people well versed in Law now, and if we can get a team of attorneys like Stewart Rhodes to say IN ADVANCE that they will help, we can tear this whole thing wide open. Lets not fall for it again, lets be ready this time. Nothing but a shit eatin' grin and a "Sure, you can take me to jail, you just can't have my weapon."
AH - I see where I worded my post very poorly now. Thanks.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.


I was wondering what had happened to you! Didn't quite sound right.
My feeling is that I willingly kneel to only one man, others can do as they want. But, I will willing kneel to Jesus Christ!

Once they get the guns

do you think for a moment we will be allowed any type of legal recourse for anything? Afraid not buckeroo, I'm prepared as well as determined to take at least two of them before I go down if they begin on this path. Let them know we out number them and as much as it pains me to say, if they choose to endanger our families that the perps should know turnabout is fair play. Consider an FBI agent who has a woman holding a three month old baby in her arms in his cross hairs. Nothing on this green earth would stop an individual who could murder her other than a threat to their own and all the capitulation in the world will not save you or yours. Concern of the armed forces is misplaced, they will rapidly realize who the real enemy is and bring their expertise as well as much required equipment with them, rather it will be the shaved headed mid level bureaucrats, the ones the government recently purchased billions of rounds of hollow point ammo for, that we will need to subdue. But I would seriously consider waiting until they have rounded up all the lawyers.

If not us than who?

One guy

The FIRST guy. We need to try all peaceful avenues, and the FIRST encounter needs to go to court. Quick, while everyone else still has weapons.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Say it ain't so, Fishy!

Fishy: with all of your posts and threads, I cannot believe my eyes!

You should never advocate turning in guns, Sir. We cannot win this in court because "they" own the courts. Imo, it's a sign of weakness to turn in your guns.

Let me ask you this: don't you think the government will be more aggressive (regarding legislation) after they've taken most of the guns? It's history repeating itself over and over again: USSR, Germany, North Korea, etc.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

absolutely agree.

absolutely agree.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul


Read my post very carefully, I chose my words pretty carefully.
I do not have any desire to see my neighbors unable to defend themselves, and if the day comes that we must shed blood I'll get out there with my spork and do my best... lol!
But if we can get this in the courts, even kangaroo courts, we can at least TRY to do this "the right way" - the LAWFUL way. We are being painted as the bloodthirsty ones. I think we really need to avoid putting on the shoe they pre-fit for us.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Another Excellent Video

Just give it a chance before you start screaming "Molon Labe".


Another Insidious...

...voice, hissing softly for compliance with tyrants whilst Liberty's Teeth are pulled, ensuring no chance for effective resistance.

You peace & love/go-along pukes are every bit as much a danger as any globalist-collectivist government tyrant.

Thank God that men of action stood forward in the time of our founding, because those like you would have assured that not a shot was fired and that capitulation to tyranny was certain.

You are ignorant of history

Washington retreated many times. He even surrendered his arms to save his army. If he had not, he and his army would have been annihilated and the revolution crushed. Suicide is not victory, it is self-inflicted defeat. Pointless, suicidal stands are the vestige of hothead losers. No one can name one instance where an outnumbered and out manned resistor won a war by committing suicide. Even the Spartans were totally annihilated. There is nothing nobel about dying needlessly. Live to fight again.

No one is saying to meekly comply. No one is saying to actively turn your guns in. No one is advocating going to a FEMA camp. Draw the line there for sure! The point is to use your brain rather than your useless, childish ego. If you cannot win in the moment, then try to figure out how you can live to fight again. Don't waste your life.




with the videographer in that there is a difference between principles and rationalizing pragmatics: I choose the former and refuse to comply


You can "refuse to comply" without committing suicide. Hide a gun and give them something so they will leave. Don't try to confront 50 ATF/SWAT agents. You will get killed for nothing. You will not win. Committing suicide is stupid.

Something a defeatist would never understand

is not waiting until they come for you. Stand up for your neighbor or anyone else they have targeted. For every 50 of them there are at least 5000 of us. No acquiescence, just brutal defiance and let them know they and theirs can be targeted too. Who do you think have been cleaning out all these gun shops and stores, a bunch of Franciscan Monks?

If not us than who?

How do you defeat

an assassination squad then?

What if you are then taken off to camp?
What if you are killed once your firearms have been stolen anyway?
What if they subsequently violate a member of your family?

In principle someone has to say 'No, I will not be violated'

I'm with you

1) What if you are then taken off to camp?

Then fight. that is the line. The Minister in the video says that as well.

2) What if you are killed once your firearms have been stolen anyway?

You will know in advance if they are killing folks, arbitrarily. If they are, then exfiltrate (disappear).

3) What if they subsequently violate a member of your family?\

Plan your revenge, then execute your plan. Make sure a public example is made.

Let Me Put This Really Simply...

F-u-c-k Him.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and belief, even the government co-opted churches that are used to spew defeatism and concession to government edicts and plans.

Mine is for him and his defeatist, 'live to fight another day' bullshite to go and pound prodigious amounts of coarse sand up his ass.

What the hell is wrong with people? The day that government comes in force, with anti-constitution ill intent to confiscate firearms, is the day that those firearms need to be used against tyranny.

It is just...that...simple.

To suggest that one should simply give them up and that one could then re-obtain firearms after this totalitarian event and somehow be in a better position to fight tyranny, is beyond logic.

If such a move by government actually occurred, the totalitarian-cat would be out of the bag and the hot-war would be on. The time to use 'Liberty's Teeth' would be at that time, not some fantasy future-uprising that would occur AFTER people like him gave up their firearms and foolishly believed they could dig some up and do what they should have done when the chance presented.

Sheer idiocy, as I see it and as such it is rejected by El-Tee, due to ill conceived or deliberate stupid-defeatism.

I think the winning ...

I think the winning philosophy is that there are WAY more of us than them and if each of the first few hundred take at least one jack-booted thug with them, that the powers-to-be will see that they will soon run our of enforcers and that will be the end.

Suicide is the ultimate "defeatism"


Who Advocates Suicide, Except You?

I say that in the scenario proffered by Reverend-Weasel, that offensive-action against those would-be tyrants and those who empowered the move, would seem to be the order of the day.

You go on and turn yours in, or try to bury them for 'another day', then curl up in the fetal-position and cooperate with the tyrants in their efforts.

Make sure, however, that you stay out of the way of the 1%-3% of men who with grim resolve will take the fight to those totalitarians...k?

You 'peace & love' 'non-aggression at all costs types', are enablers and would merely get in the way when action is called for.

As I see it.


You seriously think that you, alone, can win a firefight with 75 ATF/SWAT agents? If you want to "resist" you have to use your brain, not your ego. I suggest reading "Total Resistance" and gain some perspective. Ego and braggadocio will not defeat tyrants.


how is the Government going

how is the Government going to incarcerate 125 million people who will not comply with an unjust, unconstitutional order?

They're not

Theyare also not going to have the resources to confiscate them all or thoroughly search everyone's home.

Therefore, throw them a bone... just not your best bone.



This provides an excellent illustration of 'compromise vs. rock-solid principle'.

Compare and contrast, using this template to view all manner of other relevant issues related to liberty.

...And people wonder how and why this once Constitutional-Republic has devolved into the burgeoning totalitarian state that it currently is.


Close The Borders

...so no one gets out.

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What's a "armchair prepper"?

What's a "armchair prepper"?

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain