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Yahoo is a major website

I have tried to talk about this before. Back when Ron was running in the primaries. Yahoo is a major website. Average people from all over use it as their homepage and get their "news" from there.

Yahoo is good in that they have comment sections to most articles. Granted, those comment sections are manipulated. For example, when the comment section on yahoo was all in favor of Paul, they literally shut down the comment sections. On certain 9/11 articles, such as the one about where was dick cheney on 9/11, they did not even have a comment section.

Currently paid shills tend to those comment sections there. Someone just posted on here that there is an article about Rand on there. Paid shills are destroying him in the comments.

Only about 100,000 people come to the daily paul, most of whom already believe in Liberty and see the ills of our nation. Yahoo is a perfect place to spread our message. Please consider creating an identity there and posting, especially if someone here points our an article there which pertains to our causes.

The establishment goes so far as to hire people to tend to those comments. So please put in the effort to combat it and spread the word. Your message will go much further there, millions more will see our message there. If you can't think of anything to post...then just go through and thumbs up/thumbs down comments as you read them. But please consider the importance that a massive number of us here should be doing that to promote liberty to a large audience.

As a further note, back when Ron was running, I created about 150 identities there. With a cable connection, quad core puter, and 90 wpm typing skills, I was able to push pro paul comments to the top of the most popular on several articles at a time. It was working great and after a while, I didn't have to manipulate at all. I would tend to yahoo day and night while I was laid off, sometimes 12+ hours a day promoting Paul. People being like sheep, soon began to post positive things about Paul themselves and anti establishment comments as well...it had a huge effect...without any interference, Ron Paul comments and calling BS on the articles ruled the comment sections there, that is when Yahoo shut down the comments completely for a few days. When they turned the comments back on, pro romney/anti paul comments would go to the most popular, even if they had so many thumbs down that they were hidden due to low rating...but at the top of the most popular? It was too obvious, so they shut the comment sections down again. When they came back on there was a huge wave of anti paul commenters there around the clock and new programming to not allow most popular comments to stay in place like before. Ron Paul's link in the political section was massacred and though I asked, nobody here had the time or willingness to come help me to make those comments reflect truth.

So I'm asking again, if you have time, please tend to those articles when you can.....millions see those comments and right now we getting the crap beat out of us there....by just being too busy or too lazy to go there and post rebuttal.

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for over 6 yrs

i have commented on yahoo,now they won't let me
too much truth wears thin in some places

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Don't give up

My main yahoo ID, have had for 15+ years. Still use it, although at times, comments won't appear (censored). Still have other Id's to work with if need be.

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not what i am saying

yahoo does not allow me to post
a comment,since i plugged for RP
dissed MITT, slammed obama,and brought some light to the trolls who post there

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

You can't make a new identity?

I for years have posted the most brazen things on there and other than occasionally being censored for a period of time, it still works for me.

Have you tried making a new identity there? Of course there is no way to contacta live person at yahoo, all contact links went away about two years ago.

OH yeah...

My brother and I have made a sport of commenting on Yahoo news.
That's really where the battle is--- the minds of mainstream yahoos. Vaccines, banking, shootings, politics, you name it.
My rules: be polite (no name calling), site facts, stay calm and patient, don't engage the obvious a-holes/shills---they're a waste of time.
I wouldn't be doing it if I thought it was a waste of time.


I really do think it is an effective thing we can do to continue waking people up. Just one creative comment might change eomeone's mind or open their eyes. Especially if it is at the most popular.

I really have no idea how I managed to manipulate them like I did last year. Don't think I could do it again. But had just come off of a major warcraft addiction and working three front page articles at once, just throwing in a few comments and thumbs up/down other comments as well, was able to make the first three pages of most popular on every front page article all in favor of Paul. It was hours on end of complete focus to do that, sort of like raiding the black temple lol. Seriously, they removed the comment section for some days after the comments there had gone completely in favor of Paul....like I said....after a few weeks, people were doing it themselves, I didn't even have to manipulate anymore, just join in the commenting now and then...was so proud to see everyone's opinion had changed...That's about when I found the DailyPaul.

Am just saying it can be done, especially if we put an effort together such as the establishment does with their paid shills.