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What are you guys eating today?

This morning I had a bunch of blended up bananas (6 of them) with vitamin powder in it. for lunch I had a huge muffin. And tonight I just ate a large potato with ketchup and a pomegranate LOTS of water today as usual.

It might sound light but trust me today is a nice break from my usual feasting habits. I always wondered what kind of food we are all eating, all over the Country.

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Please provide the quote and page in Dr. Price's book where he

recommends a vegetarian diet. He cataloged the traditional diets that people all around the world followed and this varied according to where they lived, but they all included meat or fish or dairy or any combination thereof. It didn't mean they ate a ton of it nor were they fat. The main thing was they ate what was locally available and was fresh and wholesome, and the preparation methods were different than now. The problems with the degenerative diseases you mention above that is blamed on meat, poultry and dairy just does not prove out in these traditional cultures. However, they did not have the processing and chemicals we now have in our food chain. They also got a lot of exercise and fresh air.


vegetarian based

Not strictly vegetarian, to clarify. From my reading of Weston Price's quotes, to his credit he did not recommend, as Fallon and Enig do, a high fat, high protein diet. On the contrary, he recommended a vegetarian-based diet. If he didn't recommend that, then he was wrong too, but I think he did.

But you don't have to be a history major or researcher to know that all of the thin populations lived (and still live) on a vegetarian-based diet -- rice, potatoes, and corn -- the three things that the low carb gurus say we should avoid.

A picture's worth a thousand words and there's no denying that Fallon and Cordain (paleo founder) are fat and look ill. That should be enough warning, I would think.

we have done a lot of that at our house--

"man", it's time consuming--

My spouse's sauerkraut (NEVER cooked or bottled) is the best--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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You're right, it is time consuming, but worth it. We need to

find the time in order to benefit from that high level of good health that is available to us. The preparations are simple but some do take time. That used to be a way of life. The "convenient" way of life is not healthy. This way is also much less expensive!


fire roasted tomato and olive

fire roasted tomato and olive oil triscuits with melted cheese and louisiana hot sauce

That reminds me...

Triscuits with spinach dip! Gotta go get me some!

I'm Intermittent Fasting (IF)

So I had a large chinese food meal and a protein shake.

Del Taco!

I can't afford to not eat there!
Tues. Taco Night 3 for $1.09 (total, not each) + FREE Bean & Cheese Burrito after filling out survey on receipt. Plus join their online fan club and they send you coupons for free food.
I don't know how they stay in business.


Coconut milk dark chocolate mousse and blackberries for breakfast. Coconut water and green tea all day at work. Eggs and greens sautéed in bacon fat for dinner. Nightcap of red wine. I feel great!

Ever seen Cordain?

The palo diet guru? He looks fat and sick. Atkins had a massive heart attack.

The evidence is so clear: Bacon fat does to one's arteries what it does to the frying pan. But there's a lot more money to be made by saying it's good for you.

I like it.


Just got back from Trader

Just got back from Trader Joe's. "Two-buck Chuck" is now $2.49!

Their key lime...

...cheesecake is awesome!

Costco has good prices on

Costco has good prices on organic eggs, chicken, beef, etc.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

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Whoa! Where are you?

It has been "Three-buck Chuck" around here for a long time. For as long as I remember - $2.99. Still pretty good.

Whole Foods has got a competitor now called "Three Wishes" - also $2.99.

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Dudes, I'll take any red meat

Dudes, I'll take any red meat that is cheap and make whatever with it. Usually stir fry or "steak" burritos.


Tonight we had gluten free meatloaf made with local grassfed beef, organic local collard greens and potatoes cooked in uncured bacon fat, fried green local tomatoes and a bottle of my homemade kombucha. Even I'm impressed. ;)

What's up with all the...

...people going gluten free now? Is it a fad or is there proof that there is something to that? It sure is a money maker!


My son is allergic to gluten and casein (dairy protein).

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Sounds awesome except for the bacon fat.

I'm not a fan of animal fat even though I know it's good for you. That does not include raw butter!


animal fat good for you?

Animal products including dairy have been linked to cancer and heart disease. The link is on the China study -- watch this and you'll be glad you're not a fan of animal fat:


I am glad to eat plenty of animal fat.

My cardiac surgeon prescribed it because he never want to treat me.


Free includes debt-free!

If I were you...

...I'd find another cardiac surgeon -- fast!

Speaking of quacks, I've seen many articles written by quacks on Lew Rockwell. Don't know what gives with that but there's likely money to be made somewhere.

Lew should stick with what he actually knows something about: politics.

The video posted was a man with a copper deficiency.

Copper is needed to create skin and hair pigmentation. The Copper makes elastin that prevents under arm and neck wrinkles. Varicose veins are likely.

His qualifications as an expert on nutrition? Selenium deficiency was identified as the critical factor in cancers in 1912.

This powerful antioxidant clears the rancid fat deposits from the skin (aka liver spots). Clears cataracts. Seeks out and cleans oxidized fat deposits from head to toe. Even cleans up arterial sclerosic plaques.

I agree that excess protein consumption is risky. Protein consumption without sufficient B vitamins increases the risks.

Double the carbohydrate load and double the need for vitamins and minerals.

Less that 15% carbs and the body changes for a grain burner to a fat burner.

Of total Calories, Fifteen percent protein sounds about right.

Where carbs require 100 units of Oxygen, protein require 75 units, but fats only 60 units to metabolize. Less oxygen less oxidative damage possible.

The preferred fuel for the heart is an ester of the saturated fat, palmitic acid.

The UN has an agenda. Since livestock creates greenhouse gases, they must be eliminated. First they created a false flag. Look these cows are mad! What they had was a mineral deficiency disease. Then they sent in Oprah. And now this guy with his speiel

His experiments found that malnourishment and high levels of protein consumption caused cancer in rats. He discovered the maximum amount of protein that was safe for the selenium present in the rat's rations.

But I get suspicious when anyone blames cholesterol for anything. It like blaming the fire on firemen. Lowering cholesterol has been shown to decrease mental and sexual capacity. The body makes it own cholesterol as needed unless the process enzymes are poisoned by statins.

At eighty-four grandpa and I bricked a two car garage. I hand mixed mortar and kept him supplied with bricks. He laid every single brick and kept me hopping. He died a couple years later of a mineral deficiency disease.

His BMI was never above 22, he followed a primal blueprint. Meat, saturated fats, eggs and vegetables (that reduce cysteine) from the garden. Few grains.

Proofs in the pudding. How long do Plant eaters live active productive lives?

Sixty minerals are essential for human life. A deficiency leads to disease.

Lab rats need 27 minerals. Human baby formulas have seven minerals. It would cause disease for rats.

Whether eating animal or vegetable, getting sufficient quantities of 90 essential nutrients insures the best results.

Livespans of our pets is doubled because the essential nutrients in optimal ratios is made specific for the pet.

Same with cattle, chickens, swine etc. This science is 70 year old.

But humans don't need to supplement?! Are human's luckier that livestock?

And if one is unlucky? Michigan has iodine and selenium deficient soil. Maybe I find some veggies that aren't deficient in these.

If not, tough luck?

Free includes debt-free!

People hear what...

...they want to believe. Some people make their money by telling us what we'd like to hear. The Weston Price Foundation, which pushes animal proteins and dairy, is supported by the ranching/dairy industry.

I'm sure you've heard of cardiac surgeon Caldwell Esselstyn, who conducted a 12-year study where he put 18 people who were at death's door with heart disease on a plant-based diet. Every one of the 18 got better to the point where their heart disease actually reversed. He himself became a vegan because of what he saw in the arteries of meat eaters. I imagine that would do it.

The same types of studies done were conducted by T. Colon Campbell, M.D., among others, who've shown that a plant-based diet actually stops and in some cases reverses cancer. Because Campbell came out publicly reporting that animal proteins including dairy are linked to cancer, his government grants were suspended.

Just look at the pictures or videos of Caldwell and Rip Esselstyn, Campbell, McDougall, Barnard, etc. They're all vegans; yet they all look very healthy to me and a lot younger than their age.

btw, I'm not totally vegan myself but by cutting way down on animal protein and eliminating dairy, I've lost weight and have more energy than I've had in years.

Suffice to say, I think you're looking at the wrong enemy here. The pharmaceutical industry has the most influence with government, and Big Pharma's agenda is to make sure people continue taking their drugs. Follow the money and you'll see it doesn't lead to the organic vegetable growers.

It's a southern thing

We cook our greens and grits in bacon fat. That's the extent of it. In moderation, of course. We don't do butter because of my son's severe dairy allergy.

I like the local bought and

I like the local bought and home made.... that's where it's at.



You only got the thumbs up

You only got the thumbs up because you're from Indiana (I am guessing) and a brewer like me (I'm guessing). Not a big fan of pie though. I'm a cheesecake kinda guy.


baked potato smothered in brown gravy with beef, onion and mushrooms

and a Passion fruit martooni!

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