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Kitty Werthmann full speech

Please watch Kity's full 55 min. speech here: http://youtu.be/HAvMHWhdEUU

--Thanks to "kevink" who posted the link on AnAppealToHeavenWash's original post.--

I'm posting content on the DP for the first time, since i think Kitty's speech is not only awesome, educating, and everybody should see it, but also since no one seems to have posted the link to the full speech as a topic yet (sorry if i may be mistaken about this...)
So... please forgive me if i may have made a mistake, i'm posting content for the first time here and i'm also not familiar with programming and a lot of other web skills =)

Anyway, please watch it, and share it - i think it's important.
Thank you!

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