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Action Required: Operation Sheriff Supporter - Video

Please watch the following brief video of Jackson County, KY Sheriff Denny Peyman. Then, if you believe what he just said is vitally important to the future of our Republic, read on...

This is a CALL TO ACTION. We all need to show our support for Sheriff Peyman RIGHT NOW. It takes guts to get up there and say "I don't care what they try to do, I'm going to defend you from federal tyranny." He just put a huge federal target on his back... and we need to let him know he was right to do so.

An overwhelming show of support for him will spread through the grape vines of sheriff's departments across the US. It will encourage more sheriffs to follow Peyman's example... or at least recognize that they aren't alone in their support for their constituents' constitutional rights.

I couldn't find an email address for Sheriff Peyman's office. When I called, the dispatcher requested I call back during business hours, 8am - 4pm EST.

Here's the number:

Jackson County Sheriff
Denny Peyman

Please spread this, post this, tweet this, get it out there, and by god, call him and thank him. It takes 30 seconds, and it could have a MAJOR impact for good.

In Liberty,


UPDATE: When I first posted this yesterday, the video had ~3000 views. 24 hours later, it has over 18,000 views. A 500% increase overnight shows this thing has legs....

Please kick in and do your part to help support Sheriff Peyman. Our rights and our freedoms depend on good people like him doing the RIGHT thing in the difficult times ahead.

UPDATE 2:See..... other sheriffs are picking up on this... take a look at this letter from Sheriff Mueller, of Linn County, Oregon.

Let's call/email Sheriff Mueller too and thank him!

Linn County Sheriff
Tim Mueller

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