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Are You Tired of The Pantywaist Patriots When it Comes to Gun Control?

Why are some having the attitude of futile to resist? Why are some still on the defensive. Why are we worrying about what the gun grabbers think? I am getting sick and tired of the pantywaist patriots scared of the gun grabbers of what they are saying in the media. No one watches CNN, MSNBC anymore. No one reads the New York Times anymore. The second Amendment culture is coming back. Why the hell are these pantywaist patriots so worried about what the gun grabbers say? No one listens to them. All they do is talk to themselves on CNN.

The campaign demonizing gun owners doesn’t work anymore. Does anyone know the guns sold since Sandy Hood massacre are enough to arm the Russian, Chinese, the Indian and US Military three times over? That is not including the private sales which are not included the instant FBI back ground check. So why are we seeing the patriot pantywaist with their stomach in knots? These gun grabbers are little cockroaches we can step on easily when the time comes.


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I don't think the army will

I don't think the army will be ask to disarm america because many troops would refuse to do it and it would cause a civil war between the troops loyal to the president and the troops loyal to the constitution. If the police try it they will be outnumbered at least 500 to one.

I only have two words...

I only have two words, Molon Labe, my line in the sand.