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Agenda 21 and President Obama's Anti-Colonial Worldview

At the heart of Agenda 21 is a grand scheme to use climate change as justification for participating world governments to mesh and redistribute wealth and resources. As I’ve studied this issue, I believe I have come to realize how president Obama’s warped worldview ties into his willingness to participate in and propagate the U.N. led Agenda 21 initiative.

It has been confirmed by many sources that president Obama holds and adheres to a anti-colonial worldview. This means he believes America owes its prosperity to certain races and regions in the world. His anti-colonial worldview causes him to see the world through the lens of socioeconomic classes and participate in class warfare. In many ways, he believes it is his duty to play “Robin Hood” and fulfill Lenin’s duty of “rob the robbers.”

This is the underlying premise of Agenda 21; as it is a sort of international welfare program for the environmentally needy. Such an initiative lines up with president Obama’s anti-colonial worldview perfectly, as it allows him to use American taxpayers’ money to compensate third world countries who have to “suffer” at the expense of American prosperity.


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