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Mark Levin Rips Obama: "We Have An Imperial President!"

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It's REALLY Scary

when even the likes of Levin are starting to fear Obama! Just goes to show that those rats that think they are exempt from the tyranny really aren't and are starting to realize it! Hahahaha.


I can't!

I can't forgive him for the horrible things he said about Ron Paul. Hearing his voice makes my skin crawl!


To forgive is divine. I can forgive Levin. But, in no way would I, ever, trust him to be sincerely for liberty. He is for the status quot elitists in the Republican party! The same people who did not want to hear Dr Paul's name from the Republican convention floor!

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Hey fonzdrew - I understand where you're coming from

But it is time to grow up.

As soon as you want to start pasting blindspots all over your world because of something someone said two years ago, you're on a slippery slope of living in pure fantasy world.

Word to the wise. Time for men to act like men.

He's the man.

When con artists speak the truth it's to gain trust,

Nothing else.

It's Israeli, Mark Levin's job to redirect toward team blue the inevitable anger that results from having an Israel-first president. Just like it's the Left media's job to do the same when the prez has an R next to his name.

Do you think Levin is angry about the 70 billion dollar "qualitative military edge" the American people are providing Israel, which was blessed by Obama? Is he troubled by the American blood and treasure traded in these wars for Israel, now compliments of the Obama administration? Levin LOVES Obama. They all do.

If "growing up" means giving a con artist a pass...then no thanks.

Fully Agreed TonyM

Levin is a con artist and is trying to co-opt the message. He pretends he's a constitutionalist but then constantly says the word "they" as if all of this country's problems are caused by "the left". Meanwhile "the right" don't really stand on the principles that they're supposed to stand for. That's why Dubya pushed through the Patriot Act (I wonder what Levin thinks about that one), and also spent more than every president in history that came before him combined (just like Obama).

This country is heading nowhere good and Levin and his ilk are doing their part to ensure it. His words may occasionally overlap with the truly liberty minded but I'm confident that he is no friend of ours. As someone else pointed out, why would he trash Ron Paul during the election? Romney was every bit the imperialist and constitution-trampler that Obama was. I highly doubt Levin brings this up:


...or this...


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don't tell me you're a chick, too

ha ha ha

jrd3820 told me that the other day. She's a chick. She said this is a man's world. Ha ha ha. Probably true. Not many women around here.

He's the man.

Why didn't he say this when

Why didn't he say this when Bush was shredding the Constitution? Karma is a biatch!

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That's the only bad part about this video. That the speaker is a hypocrite. Otherwise, good speech! lol

He's the man.

Levin, take a hike

If it were up to Levin, the NeoCon ChickenHawk would spend all $2.5 Trillion tax receipts on "Military" every year. The last thing we need is to let this ***k on to this site.. KEEP LEVIN OUTTA HERE.

What is Levin doing on this

What is Levin doing on this site on the front page?

Seriously? This guy is truly the enemy, I don't care what he is saying!

Please people, don't fall for Levin like people did for Beck. They are all con men!

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Whatever you think of Levin

He is a big voice - a huge voice - in the conservative movement. And this is him throwing down the gauntlet.

We're brewing for a big fight here. This is going to be epic. All the big guns are lining up on either side and will fight over:

- Guns
- Debt Limit
- Immigration (which seems to be sneaking by under the radar - but they're busy there, too on an Amnesty bill)

It is going to be a brawl. Of course you don't fall for con men on TV. You watch, and you learn. If you don't watch, you can't learn.

He's the man.

Levin is a Neocon

Let's not forget Levin is a Neocon first and foremost. He couldn't care less for the lives lost by US troops while fighting wars. Frankly, I can't wait for all these old guard Neocon Republican conservative base to just kick the bucket already....the future generations offer the best hope for Libertarians.

Levin is not a big voice. His

Levin is not a big voice. His programming is marketed to stations as a cram down. Brian Wilson had a great letter to Levin exposing him for what he is. If the Austin Petersens of this forum start promoting Levin I'm out.

nice find bump

if we all come together now, Paul, Tea, Palin, etc. supporters we will ram Obama's shoe into his mouth.


Thanks for posting.

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