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Take a Break From The Horror Show... Just For a Minute and Pretend Everything's Gonna Be Alright

The level of fear, anger and frustration around here has reached a fever pitch... at least from my perspective.

Can we pretend... maybe on just this thread (maybe even others) that we're going to make it to the other side?


Was having an all around tough day. So I just made myself believe for a little while that everything in this Coast to Coast is true. Let's stop fighting for a few minutes. We can be at each others' throats again tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe we'll decide we just don't feel like fighting anymore.

I stayed off the computer for quite a while today. Then while listening to this I also thought of how many freakin trolls we got in here trying to disrupt people and get them to start killing each other. We've got 10x the dis-info agents in here than we had here maybe 6 months ago... they're going NUTS trying to suppress the truth about everything. I think that's a pretty positive sign now that I've had a chance to step back from it and get a broader perspective.

When the negative side is about to be defeated they start making some really stupid moves. ~ David Wilcock

Seen any stupid moves by the PTB lately?

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