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SHEEPLE Shock Treatment: Let Me Know if I Got Through - Please Also Let Other People Know if You Were Ever a Sheeple Too

Are There Any Attorneys Out There That Will Prosecute Any Of These High Level Officials For Violating Their Oaths Of Office?

Answer: **** Chirp **** Chirp **** Chirp **** Chirp

Hmm I wonder why? Is it possibly because they violate the constitution just by joining the BAR? Never bring a FACT into the court room? Never tell any of your clients about TITLE, RANK or the fact that they're considered a GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE hence forth about as many constitutionally guaranteed rights as Wal-Mart employees on-the-clock however AREN'T GETTING PAID for all their SERVITUDE to US INC?

NEWSFLASH PEOPLE: 5 generations ago AMERICA WAS TURNED INTO A PLANTATION. The "New World Order" kicked off officially in 1933!

Here's a conspiracy: Maybe "Esquire" is a title of nobility?

Article 1 section 9 clause 7

No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

Let's see if any of your "truth" idols will touch this?


Look... I'm sorry I don't know how to sugar coat this stuff for you. It's just not my style. I don't want have to coax you and pet you and scratch you behind the ears. I want to verbally slap you upside the head and tell you to WKTHFKUP! I'm not here to hang out with a bunch of SHEEP. I'm looking for people that are intelligent enough to say "Hmm what is this guy flipping out over?" instead of "That guy's freaking out... I'm gonna IGNORE him."

I want you to turn back into PEOPLE again! Who cares how "abrasive" I am? You can't handle it? Aren't we all big boys and girls now? Why MUST I give this to you in a song and dance? Why must I "work on my delivery?" Why must you be BRAINWASHED with it similar to how politicians brainwash you with their constant bombardment on you thru corporate controlled media?

Is this like I'm trying to feed a 3 year old or something? I gotta make choo choo noises? Whooooshhhh goes the airplane... alright come on... open wide! Yes I know it tastes REALLY AWFUL but I promise you it's REALLY GOOD FOR YOU!

Americans are in DEPSERATE need of a new way to think... a new way to expand their minds... expanding one's mind starts with HEARING OUT EVERY ARGUMENT... researching the FACTS and only then... ONLY THEN do you choose to BELIEVE ANYTHING about what you've been exposed to!!!

COME ON AMERICANS! WAKE UP! It's TIME TO GET UP GOD DAMN IT! Start LEARNING LAW! You don't have to go to LAW SCHOOL... just read posts from myself and South - follow the links. Study up. Get a couple law dictionaries. Learn how to start prosecuting these CRIMINALS!

That's what I'm trying to do... and I really need your help! If we exterminate half the population in a civil war our grand children are going to (if they are alive) be right back here starting at square one. So I'm calling on you... please stop watching everyone trying to distract you from the ROOT of ALL our PROBLEMS in this country.

If you don't know how... just ask us. We'll help you. I've got 300 people on my skype learning law. I've got a couple guys/gals who eat unconstitutional public servants for breakfast. Wouldn't you like to be able to hold your public servants accountable without having to beg some politician to do it? THEY DON'T WANT TO! Everything is working FINE where they are concerned! They are GORGING themselves on our our POSTERITY!

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You're making yourself crazy. When you are trying to get people to take interest, you just can't fall into insulting them. It will never work. So I guess if "respectful tone" is sugar-coating, then you have to sugar coat it if you want heard.
Thanks for what you are doing, I agree it is vitally important. But it takes a lot of time, and we each have to decide how and where our time is best spent. Put your stuff together, and make it available so that when people are ready for your information they can come to it.
Evidence of victories will do more to get you heard than all the choo-choo noise you can make. Post some stories of your "eat 'em for breakfast" friends.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Let's say there is a burning building....

your friend is in there and has no idea that the building is burning. Now you have two options:

1) Calmly rationalize why you should get out of the burning building. Explain what smoke inhalation does to lungs. Point out how burning flesh tends to be a bit painful. Mention the fact that people that remain in burning buildings USUALLY tend to burn to death. You can even provide lots of statistics, case references and news stories of actual events. After all this time patiently and calmly pointing out the logic of your argument... you're both dead.


Which option do you choose?

The building is burning... btw... can you feel the heat? See the flames all around you?

You've got your methods... I've got mine. Personally I really think if you're not screaming bloody murder then you either got WAYYYYYY more patience than I do in the face of IMMINENT danger or you're just not paying attention. Fishy... you're obviously in the former category.

Between the two of us we got the "good cop bad cop" thing down pretty good.

There are more than 2 options to almost everything.

I'd walk out of the building. If my friend asked where I was going, I would say "I am leaving, the building is on fire" and keep walking.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You would walk?

Actually, I would swim.

I've been in this boat... sort of.
I got left at sea on a scuba diving trip, with a European couple. She was from France, he the UK. They were experienced divers, I was on my first dive trip, second dive. We were drift diving, and the boat died, could not come pick us up. The divemaster said he would swim over and fix it and be right back. We started drifting out to sea as we waited. Long, long story, but I eventually ditched them and started swimming, and they followed me. I would never have talked them into doing it, they were "experienced" and I was not. But when I just did what needed done, they were right there behind me.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Hang on...

we're talking about a burning building. You can't swim out of a burning building. If you were swimming the issue of a burning building becomes irrelevant.

Great story by the way... I get your point. Youtube is loaded however with people doing the stuff I'm talking about however. I don't need to put my mug up and make myself a much bigger target than I need to be.

Look what fame got for Charles Dyer and Shaeffer Cox? If there's only one or two people doing this then they can be picked off one by one. The sheeple will just change the channel.

If I have an issue in my life I deal with it. I don't go looking for trouble. Just trying to get others to stand up for themselves in the same way.

Go back to your politicians

**** Chirp **** Chirp **** Chirp **** Chirp
(Yes South I stole this from you lol)

There is nothing to see here.