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Portland Christmas Bomb Plot Trial - Jury nullification nullification

In the trial of Mohamed Osman Mohamud for the attempted bombing of
a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in downtown Portland, Oregon in 2010.

The defense is not contesting that he pushed the button
to set off a dummy bomb with the intent to kill. But there
are questions about how actively the Fed's induced him to
do it.

Note some of the grounds they used for disqualifying jurors, though:

"Several potential jurors who were dismissed by Senior District Judge Garr M. King said, for example, they believed that police authorities sometimes deliberately entrap innocent people in criminal stings. Another dismissed juror, asked about any biases she might bring to the case, said the number of federal prosecutors and assistants in the courtroom — overwhelming in contrast to Mr. Mohamud’s small team of public defenders — illustrated what she said were the government’s overwhelming resources, all brought to bear against one man.

Portlanders, heavily represented in the jury pool, are not uniformly liberal, but the city’s political culture often seems to be, with its concerns about social justice and cultural acceptance of differences in ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. Left-leaning suspicions of government authority, like the ones that erupted last year over a plan to fluoridate the city’s water supply, are often not so different from right-leaning suspicions."

Like the police *don't* ever entrap people? I guess having a grip on reality disqualifies you
as a juror.

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Attorneys only defend their clients on TV!!!!! GET IT?