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Michael Savage Makes a U-Turn on Vaccines

Have you taken your flu shot?

Why does it sound more reasonable when Michael Savage takes a u-turn and criticizes vaccines than long time crusader Alex Jones?

At least people are now questioning vaccine safety and effectiveness and hopefully this will encourage more studies to be discussed and scrutinized and turn out for the best.


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well i've never commented on

well i've never commented on a vaccine post because i felt it was outside of my depth to be honest(i do have a background in biology but i only took a single course on microbiology/immunology).


this video, at least for me, begs the question; if they found their practices to be ethical back then, what could they be doing today?

"My theories explain, but cannot slow the decline of a great civilization. I set out to be a reformer, but only became the historian of decline."
- Ludwig Von Mises

1 in 2 kids in America have chronic illness

And autism has gone from 1:10,000 to 1:88 in the USA in just 10 years. We have a eugenics epidemic in the USA and until we get a healthy scepticism of what drugs and injections do to humans and kick the "mandatory" out of our schools and children's lives, this will continue. Africa never had autism until vaccines were introduced by big pharma.

Do you have sources for those numbers?

Do you know Andrew Wakefield, who started the autism/vaccine claim, had his medical license revoked for fraud?

Where did you get that there was no autism in Africa?

Do you think the pharmaceitical industry is a united conspiracy?

a united conspiracy

Bayer Distributes AIDS

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Michael Savage a MUTT

who loves IzUnReal more than the home he lives in. Never ever ever listen to that scrubb any more since many years.
Goes to show even a blind hog can find an acorn in a snow storm every now and again.


The upside to these "epiphanies"

The professional liars use just enough truth to keep viewers tuning in for their programming, where they are fed all the lies. If they have to go this far to sucker in zombies, how well is the zombie programming REALLY going?
I'll tell you what makes me nervous these days, what is up with this "Citadel?" I have had this creepy feeling that Idaho might be where they try to start the "civil war" for many years. I don't know anyone involved with this, and I know or know of many of the liberty lovers in this state. While America dithers about Sandy Hook, Idaho remembers Ruby Ridge. I am afraid this may be an infiltration, and feel at the least it WILL be infiltrated. I hope these folks are really who they say they are, and REALLY on the lookout.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I am with you.

It raises a lot of questions in my mind too. Why would a group like this announce what they are doing anyway? I'm even suspicious about the Free State project for the same reason. If you love liberty, then you are a prime target. JMO

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

That Citadel thing

sound to me like an FBI invention. Creepy is a good word for it. The whole thing sounds tyrannical. I seriously doubt that anything will come of it.


Right-wing talk radio is coming to our side, and NOW we can trust them and rest easy!!!

Whew....I thought they would never come around!

I trust them fully now, I know if Ron Paul were to run again, ALL of neo-con talk radio would endorse him and SLAM the establishment.GOP....

I knew Alex Jones would win the ratings battle, and I know they're all scared his successes and delivery and passion will put them all out of business unless they start singing our tune!!!

American media is on the right path; Alex.Jones WON the media war.....it's over....the government will be slashed by 60% by the end of the decade, and we have NEW allies....I trust them ALL now....they care about America!!!

Oh yeah!!!!!


they may pretend to be coming to our side but are being paid millions by the same corporations that own the media and our politicians. they mix in enough truth to keep people tuned in as long as possible

we dont need more passion from talking heads. they have plenty of that. we need people who can expose double standards and flawed logic

I don't care who used to get shots and now doesn't

there are too many here who want to say how they were LIBERTARIAN before others as if it matters WHEN you woke up because all that really matters is that you woke up at all.

Even if rush and all of fox news started screaming for RON PAUL, I wouldn't talk down on them or assume anything. People change, people wake up and ANYONE can do so.

I think many assume that you are red, blue or ONE OF US and that itself doesn't mesh either.

individuality is amazing yet we sure do love to collectivize ourselves whether we realize it or not.

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yeah, but are they genuine

yeah, but are they genuine when they say it? It really could have mattered at one point if limbaugh, levin, and savage had been behind Ron Paul.

These people don't "wake up" all of a sudden. they don't "wake up." they are shills, they've hammered such a philosophy on their listeners that there is such a cognitive dissonance; will they really research vaccines, themselves? G.M.O., fluoride? And will that translate into another statist Republican vote at the ballot box next election cycle?

These people are done for. I hope some of them can wake up. but these are the people that called the police on me while i was walking on the side of the road, across the country... Someone would call the cops on me for walking and i always got fu*ked with by the cops. They will seriously put their babies in a blender and go to the fema camp licking boots and spying on their neighbors.


touche. sorry i don't have

touche. sorry i don't have accents on the e egu. yes, well played sir. but of course i've been baffled since the age of twelve and thirteen when i first read Libertarianism in One Lesson,... and i knew something was wrong before then. but apparently grown men and women still can't figure it out. And they seriously will put their babies in the blender if the government tells them to.

so what? .. hmmm... can i please get some sadistic kharma out of all of this when it's over? i mean.... i'm just laughing at people....i'm laughing right now while i'm typing this and i hate writing those stupid internet acronyms, "lol".....

at least it's coming to a head finally. God willing, i pray for all of you. it's almost over.


It doesn't matter to us

But to the mainstream Republican, Michael has been on the same page with his listeners for years, so when he changes his mind his listeners think "Well, I've agreed with him thus far and I don't know a lot about the subject - I trust him" - Whereas they hear some outsider's voice espousing widely unsupported (I'm not saying what Alex says isn't true, just that it isn't usually the narrative the mindless masses hear) views and it's harder to accept because they are in contrast to most of what a neo-con would say.

i think his listeners are the

i think his listeners are the same listeners alex jones was describing when he said, "if the government ordered them to put their baby in a blender, they would."

savage could reverse what he said and his listeners would be fine with that and say, "that's what i always thought too."

they have no independent thought at all. Ron Paul was the perfect litmus test for these people.



I have two new step-grandsons. The mother says they were both happy, healthy boys until they got their vaccines. Then her sons stopped talking, and eventually she "woke up" and realized that she had consented to the drugs that may have ruined her children's lives. NO mother should have to face that. INFORMED CONSENT is the bare minimum standard in healthcare and it applies to vaccines.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.