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Move on assault weapons creates risks for Obama

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama appears ready to gamble in the debate over gun control.

By signaling on Monday that he will ask Congress to ban military-style assault weapons, Obama is embarking on a high-risk strategy that is likely to further inflame tensions with Republicans at a time when feelings already are raw because of a series of running budget battles.


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The comment sections are in our favor

The comment sections on the gun ban articles at yahoo are almost entirely in the favor of the American citizens.

That is good to see, but I wonder why they are allowing that? Typically, Yahoo fully manipulates their comment section to deceitfully project a public opinion tailored to the agenda of the ruling elite who owns Yahoo (and every other major broadcast network).

Either they are allowing the comments to stand in defiance of their agenda on purpose or they simply can't controll the sheer number of posters opposed to their BS articles, and the treasonous actions of the phony leaders that have been placed in office, and who are presented to the public reality television style.

I almost clicked the link to read this, then I noticed is from