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Video: Alex Jones Blows Up During 'the Young Turks' Interview With Cenk Unger 1-14-13

VIDEO: VIDEO: Alex Jones BLOWS UP During 'The Young Turks' Interview with Cenk Unger 1--14-13



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Unplugged, undrugged,

gun totin', white male, christian, constitutional republican, anything else I can do to piss you off today?

MSM shills must be masochistic.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

I'm making a big assumption here by suggesting that....

most DPers support Ron Paul. Based on that assumption, to those that think AJ is crazy, it wasn't too long ago we heard the MSM, hard-core Democrats and Neocons say the same thing about RP.

The're youtube videos galore of RP being ridiculed when he was predicting the housing-bubble crash back in 2002-2005. Now, RP made not had the zeal and passion that AJ has when it comes to his theories but RP was right. Not only right, but still ignored and mocked more.

Don't fear the passion and zeal, rather, do the research, confirm or disprove what he is saying. Really, that's all AJ wants you to do.....BEFORE it's too late. His passion and zeal comes from the fact that he feels we are running out of time to do something about it.

Not To Mention Many Of Ron Paul Supporters Came From AJ's

listeners...and that was admitted by Ron Paul on The 'Alex Jones' show

Guess I don't know enough about Beck

Up until this point, I haven't had a problem with Beck, but I guess I haven't been completely privy to him.

Daniel Fortune

I know not course others may take, but as for me, give me Liberty, or give me Death! ~Patrick Henry


Beck can show a lot of different faces, most of them incongruous with the one he had on yesterday. This is the same story with Savage, Levin, Hannity, Limbaugh and the rest. On any given day they can make great noise about liberty and the Constitution. But watch them long enough and you will see clearly that they have no ideological mooring. They will eventually reveal themselves as shills for the republican establishment and or the corporations that employ them. In Beck's case I think he just vomits out each day whatever strikes his quirky fancy. He is utterly incoherent.

ecorob's picture

sure, remeber last year when glenda...

had pictures of washington and adams and jefferson superimposed as a backdrop on his show

as if, he were one of them?

all the while he lies and distorts and claims to be "you"

glenda beck is NOT you nor I

he is glenda beck, tool and shill for the people that PAY HIM! (50 million bucks a year, i might add)

he says what he is TOLD to say!

he says what rupert murdoch tells him to say!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

i wish i was a 1,000 people

i wish i was a 1,000 people so i could wake up a 1,000 times.


I know some think he's crazy by his passion but...

if you take out the passion, the MSM wouldn't give him the time of day. Right or wrong, I'm curious and want hear more of what he has to say. I also want to check his sources to confirm what he says is true.

this is why we are gonna lose this country...

when I read all these negative comments against AJ, and how people dont like him, he's hurting the movement, he's embarrassing because goes on TV and calls a spade a spade and gets angry...

I just think to myself, this is why we are gonna lose the country... when even those who are awake, are to embarrassed to raise their voices, they care about what the villians/predators in the media think, boy we really have become a country of cowards...

I guess its true when they say moral courage is more rare than physical courage

Humbleness, Virtue, and Morality. Perspective:

From an outside perspective i'd say the controversy appears to be mostly about 'Humbleness'.

AJ is right on most all perspectives, but he's not really humble.
I mean humble like Ron Paul for instance. He's right on a lot but he's not being the least of a true gentleman. Like Ron Paul, who has done so much for Liberty.

Ya know, people like humble acting folk. They're popular, that's the way it is. Washington's army wouldn't have won at last, if not for ALL of his men, humble or not, but he himself wouldn't have lasted in his position either if not for his humbleness, virtue, and morality. Just like so many great Americans are being remembered due to their great virtue, and humbleness.

If i myself were to decide to throw my support behind a person acting like Ron Paul or a person acting like AJ, i would surely choose the gentle man.
Fortunately though, we don't HAVE to decide. We're all in this together, just like the many different voices who came together to found this country.

"There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness."
Han Suyin

"Power can do by gentleness that which violence fails to accomplish; and calmness beat enforces the imperial mandate."
Claudianus, De Consulatu Mallii Theodori Panegyris, CCXXXIX.

"What would you have? your gentleness shall force
More than your force move us to gentleness."
William Shakespeare, As You Like It (c.1599-1600), Act II, scene 7, line 102

"Let gentleness my strong enforcement be."
William Shakespeare, same piece, Act II, scene 7, line 113

Please share this information if you like it. Thank you!

Image over Substance

due to generations of Americans brainwashed by the boob tube. Look at my pearly whites!

ecorob's picture

look at my sensitive eyeglasses...

look at my "ellen degeneres" fashionwear and tennis shoes

hey, i like ellen but isn't it funny that to be on her show you have to dress "gay"

and, hey, i have nothing against gay...to each his own and i am ok with that

i just think its funny, weird that people are programmed to believe that they have to portray themselves differently to be accepted in America!

glenda beck is a PRIME example of a SELLOUT!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Narrow-minded thinking is another liability of ours

For example, it looks like you are making the assumption that anyone who doesn't like Alex's style is a coward.

That's wildly inaccurate, but why should you care? It's more important for you to try and exalt your own opinion (Alex Jones is doing well, as all courageous people see) and belittle the opinion of those who disagree with you (whoever says Alex Jones is doing poorly is a coward, bringing down our whole nation.)

Instead of being divisive, brutish, and using thug-speak to force your opinions on others, why not think of something more constructive to say?

ecorob's picture

because we are PAST that!

it did NOT work

the "soft" approach that you seem to espouse has given us the ndaa, the patriot act, and drone warfare in our own skies, it is getting us KILLED in our own homes and YOU want to speak softly and articulate well!

wtf up!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I was talking about how we speak amongst ourselves

And, anyway, there is a place for eloquence. Think of Paine's Common Sense. Think of Ron Paul.

I'm sure General Washington didn't talk with Nathanael Greene the way people here talk amongst themselves.

Is comportment such a vice?

This is just painful to watch

for a lot of reasons...

This is mine now


Gonna use this in an argument.

don't forget to

make sure though, to take notes on what work it exactly was in case someone would request sources.. ;)


Tyranny is using all forces it can unite - socialist-progressives, affirmative-action recipients, the poor, third-world countries' intellectuals, etc.

When the tyranny gets full control, friends are eliminated.

- Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao got rid of independent trade unions. Trade union thugs were perfect to fight capitalists but were useless for wise central planners. Today, USA is using big labor only for re-election: teachers for DEM, police & Pentagon workers for REP.

- Stalin killed most of Bolsheviks he woked with during the 1917 revolution.

- Hitler killed the leaders of SA (Nazi brownshirt militia unit) when they asserted independence in 1934.

Some were allowed to live, though:
CIA used a Nazi, Hans Globke, (who had worked for Adolf Eichmann) for operation Gladio. Hans was installed as Director of the Federal Chancellory of West Germany between 1953 and 1963 and as such was one of the closest aides to Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. CIA did not pass the information on to the Israeli MOSSAD, as it feared revelations concerning its use of former Nazis for intelligence purposes – Eichmann, who was in charge of the Jewish Affairs department, was abducted by the MOSSAD two years later. Among these information that might have been revealed by Eichmann were the ones concerning Hans Globke, CIA's liaison in West Germany. At the request of Bonn, the CIA persuaded Life magazine to delete any reference to Globke from Eichmann's memoirs, which it had bought from his family.

Cenk used to be a Limbaugh fan & Repbulican

But changed parties to fill a void and demographic and make money.

Guy is basically a practiced Demo-Limbaugh.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

This is news?

"Alex Blows Up!"
Yeah, O.K., He blows up every time he gets in front of a microphone. Have you listened to his show? That's just his "style". ;-)

New headline:
"Alex Jones Interview with Cenk Unger 1--14-13"



He does this to get

He does this to get attention. For every person that thinks he is crazy, another will think about what he said.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Why a man breaking into Cenk’s home strengthened....

... his support for more gun control.

This guy is a complete idiot. A weak minded fool with a victim mentality. If someone breaking into his house where he has his own newborn child doesn't change his mind about self-defense nothing will.



"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

Oh Jesus Christ. How is it

Oh Jesus Christ. How is it possible to have any respect for this joke?

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


see, you would hope...

that agreements between Alex and Cenk would way exceed the disagreements. wtf is going on here. Cenk is clearly a TOTAL SELLOUT- Jones has built his own platform, that probably exceeds all of CurrentTV! Well, Cenk bailed to MSNBC as soon as they came calling, and esentially agrees with all the viewpoints of the mainline Democrat party. You can be right on all the issues of immorality in the US govt, but if you disgree with the liberals, your scum.

Id always given Uygur a little bit of credit, just for saying decent things about Ron Paul now and then. He would always quickly tell his audience that he wasnt supporting or endorsing Ron Paul (since BHO is so much better) but would give him props nonetheless. That is, until right before the primary, when Uygur acted like he had never heard of the newsletter garbage before, and became a Paul hater

Visit https://soundcloud.com/politics-of-freedom for all recent Ron Paul interviews, speeches, debates, forums, panels, press conferences, news coverage, and Texas Straight Talk updates!

"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

Really not based in facts.

Really not based in facts.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

here's my "blow up"....

....tell me if my finger is on the pulse of the liberty movement?

If my rant here is 60% accurate, or reflects anyone else's disgust with this distraction; let me know.

I'm going for broke, I say we head this thing off...not FEED it!


Is any of my frustration warranted?

You Remind Me of My Brother

...Like you, working his A$$ off everyday...the kids, work,the frustration inherent in the news stories we read that make us wonder "whatever happened?"

...yeah, the "God-Less Society",you mention...I feel for ya.
But consider this:
Every "preacher" needs a congregation"...needs a way to support himself, and his family..just like you are doing.

So...WHY cast such judgement upon AJ?....It's all part of the "free market", not to mention....
.....................he's done a lot of good.

We are not "saints", none of us, and nobody is perfect.
Seeing as you've given so much and been "battered" in the process, I can tell ya...been there...done that many years ago.

I keep an open mind re: Alex Jones...once I was a big fan of Glenn Beck, but he either sold out, was threatened, who knows.
I'll take the info he did give me, that I found enlightening, and try to keep in in my "liberty toolbox".

When that day comes (if it does) for AJ....same story.
THERE ARE NO MESSIAHS...at least among mortal men.
I'll settle for "John the Baptist" in the meantime.

I'll take whatever good AJ can serve up to me, and throw the other stuff away...
Take it easy...be kind to yourself, as many disappointments are yet to be.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

thanks for the thoughtful insight...

...fact is, "what happened" is why so many are involved, curious, watching etc... The thing that irritates me the most is when media personalities "make merchandise out of people"; this was Christ's righteous anger Matthew 23.

What we just had at that convention PROVED to me that good people can take back control....and, even though it's 100% capitalism for Alex Jones, selling his stuff in the free market, I just don't TRU TRUST him anymore than I trust people who get paid to "opine"...

It's kind of that, "would I keep my job if I won the lottery?"....or...would I buy a seat in Congress just because I could....

My thoughts were scatter-brained I know, but my burden is heavy because I believe Divine Intervention won it for our founders....not a good marketing strategy or church-building conference....ya know?

info-tainment somebody called this stuff....and things are too damn serious now after the latest fiscal-cliff hypocrisy to keep selling conspiracy stuff, and curiosity into the spiritual lives of the elite who think they are Roman Caesars....ya know? We're smarter than that, and we shouldn't get sucked into hoping that going this route will convert or invigorate common folks into voting once again the way we need them to...that's my concern...and it is a TRUST issue.