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Pardon my French, but "baisage France."



If I understand this correctly, this is the Mali Army, who are allies with France against the "rebels." Well, that would be "Al Qaeda" - meaning they are well armed by the CIA. The citizens are what is called "collateral damage."

This is not war, it is genocide. What is France after?

"Landlocked Mali’s reformed mineral code has attracted numerous foreign investors in the last decade. Other mining companies with presence in the country are Sahara Mining, Taurian Minerals Mali, Holdor Ag, Robex Resources Inc. and PG Natyral Resources, among others. AT the moment of publishing this article, these companies have nor reported issues either.

Apart from gold, Mali has bauxite, iron ore, base metals and phosphate deposits, mostly untapped."

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Positioning for war it seems to me-

cold or real. I sure don't know. But there's so much taking place that makes no sense...if and when we find about it, it's too late.

Saw your post this weekend along with this one: "Sarkozy ordered the assassination of Hugo Chavez" (but no word on motive...the Why? factor.)

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