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Stealth Wear: New Counter-Surveillance Clothing Makes You Invisible to Drones

In early 2012 the U.S. Congress authorized the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act. Within this bill is a provision calling for the deployment of some 30,000 robotic drones over the skies of America by 2015, arguably the boldest overt domestic surveillance initiative to have ever been introduced in the land of the free. With an average of some 600 drones allocated per state, this future network of highly advanced surveillance systems promises to give law enforcement, military and intelligence assets unprecedented video and audio access into the lives of every single American.

Privacy advocates are justifiably outraged.

But whenever government attempts to institute a ban on contraband items, or pass draconian laws, or introduce new tracking and surveillance methods, rebellious elements within the target populace rapidly develop counter-strategies and technologies to marginalize the threat.

Oftentimes, billion dollar government initiatives and development projects are rendered almost useless by low-tech strategies and designs.

Artist and fashion designer Adam Harvey, who objects to the authoritarian nature of the global surveillance state, has done just that.

In an effort to counter the high-tech integrated drone surveillance systems soon to be fused into intelligence networks across the country, Harvey and a group of partners have developed a line of clothing dubbed Stealth Wear.

Making its debut on January 17th, the Stealth Wear line will include hoodies, scarves, hats, and t-shirts that will make the wearer invisible to thermal imaging cameras widely used throughout the unmanned aerial vehicle community.

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Stealth Wear

I suggest more research on the subject. This will work in some instances and with low tech surveillance gear. "FLAIR", that many law enforcement agencies use, will see you anyway. And, you can bet the US gov. has even better gear. The only sure way to evade is to go underground several feet and close off any air outlets that might create a heat signature from your breath and body heat.

The Judge

I need this in Multicam!

This as a multicam parka and we will be innawoods set man! lol! jk/nr

sounds great!

but its one of those things where the average unassuming customer would never know if the whole line was a scam. intensive study needs to be done, independently. but if it works, i want some stealth wear

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

An intrepid liberty engineer and entepreneur might ...

... come up with some products like....

Automotive computer reader/programmer to turn off in-car surveillance particularly the new surveillance to be in all automobiles made or solid in the US on/after 10/1/14. And turn off two way communication upon user request.

Coatings for home roofs that reflect current surveillance from drones.

Anti-infrared cloak for when you think you are being scanned from outside your home, throw it on, so they can't see you. Or for use in the outdoors too.

Just some ideas. :)

Do they have a Underwear line

For the TSA?

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Id personally opt out but I could see this making money

I'm sure there would be plenty of people willing to wear mylar undies through the scanner. A few thermal blankets and a sewing machine and voila!

You are clearly a terrorixt.

Only terrorixts do not want the government to examine their p*nises.


What total crap

Invisible? NOT. Not to these multi-spectrum imaging systems they have now. Thermal, infra, visible, radar, GPR all combined. What body-shielding is gonna do is make us harder to detect under certain circumstances and environments. Invisibility just got a lot harder than it used to be.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Its a start Smudge...

to able to make something like this which provides decent protection is great, I would put my money on these guys then a government military complex soon to be bankrupt and collapse spending, the cost effectiveness is like a knight who trains

from childhood with every weapon, every tool in the art of combat, and has so much resources poured into him, only to see him killed by a peasant who learned to use a crossbow in a matter of days, I'd say its a start

Wonder if this comes with

A money back guarantee.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

You know it would be cheeper and easier

to carry one of those cheep 3 dollar Mylar camping blankets in your pocket ant then whip it out when needed




here's a mylar tube tent for 7 bucks


GLASS Also blocks well also

I guess if you put a sheet of glass above you it wouldn't see you except for the heat sig from your hands wrapping around the front of it.

this is a cool idea for clothing for sure

I have seen something like this for grow rooms so you can put it on your ceilings to block FLIR that police use while trying to locate grows.

Will these be soft and machine washable as well?

these are TACTICOOL

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http://growing-elite-marijuana.com - My site on growing marijuana

Not sure how the police are

Not sure how the police are using heat sigs to look inside a house since the supreme court ruled they cannot.

Supreme's say no.

Do you really think that will stop the current regime? If so you are delusional.

The Judge

Does anyone ever pay

Does anyone ever pay attention around here? I was referring to his comment that police use termal imaging to find marijuana which they cannot do. And if they were to do so the evidence will be inadmissible. Obviously some sort of drone campaign against civilians would be a different story that would not involved SOCTUS whatsoever.

You could always roll in some mud

... :)

You must have recently seen

You must have recently seen the movie "Predator." ;)

LOL no but I have a good memory

that image is inexplicably burned into my brain since the 80's. My heads full of useless information

I make my own already, out of tinfoil


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