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Three Dirty Tricks The Government Will Try to Use to Confiscate the Guns

One thing I see with tyrants. They play dirty and do not have any rules. The end justifies the means whether it is by hook or by crook. They will cut throats to get what they want. These people have no honor or any guiding principles. These despots believe in the raw use of force to achieve their agenda.

The people who want our guns are the most ruthless and wicked people on this earth. They play dirty and not fair. They have seized power in most of the Federal institutions so they can use the force of government to rule over us. The end justifies the means is their strategy. They will lie and deceive. They will stab their own allies in the back if necessary. If we know their tactics of how they play dirty using our kids, food and families to get us to surrender. We can neutralize them taking away their options if they try to disarm us.

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Interesting info in this article - I wasn't aware of the

no knock, warrantless entries in Iowa after flooding. I wonder if anything similar to this or Katrina happened in the NE?

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix