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Update: Ben Swann guest on A. Jones 1-15-13; did not happen

This interview never took place as scheduled, and there were no explanations given.

Waiting for time of this interview.

"Alex welcomes primetime anchor at WXIX Fox 19 in Cincinnati and investigative journalist Ben Swann to discuss the results of his investigation into Piers Morgan's arguments during last weeks astounding debate with Alex."

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Bank on it

His bosses told him not to do the interview. I have zero knowledge to that end, but come on. Look at his personal posts. And he dropped the Sandy Hook and other tough stories cold turkey.

It's not his fault. The man has a family to care for. He'll work it out though. The best always do.

Ben Swann - Full Disclosure

"It is truly, deeply saddening to me how the smear machine works. There are a number of articles that are attempting to blame me to those who are "terrorizing the families of Sandy Hook victims". The blame comes from a piece I did calling for surveillance video to be released from Colorado theater, and from Sandy Hook. BTW, a group of journalists and Colorado have called for the same thing.. are they being smeared? The lawyer for 7 families suing Cinemark is asking for that video to no avail... is he being smeared? The timing of these multiple articles that link me to those claiming no children actually died and that the families are all actors are intellectually dishonest. And yet the people sending emails to my employer seem to be part of a bigger attempt to discredit and smear, not on the basis of MY story but on the basis of a Headline."


"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

Ben Swann is a serious journalist

of course he doesn't want to play games with AJ like Morgan and others who are not serious journalists.

Note: if you get mad at me it's okay but i'm entitled to having my own opinion on this one.

he's been on before

and he'll be on again.


you are free to have an opinion but pretending to read Ben's mind isn't actually an opinion at all.


i assume you're not reading Ben's mind either nor are you reading Alex's.
i don't need to watch this clip to consider Ben way more serious than Alex personally, no matter if and how often one features or refers to the other one.

Alex does plenty for liberty, and so does Ben and others, everyone in this thing is supposed to benefit the other in one or another way, is as i understand it.
But of course my pick would be Swann over Jones when it comes to decent journalism, maybe not if it's talk shows and rallies. Fair enough, but that's my personal take on it.

I don't force it on anyone i'm just writing it down so if i'm wrong on a thing it'd be so nice if people could just sort stuff out in a constructive way, instead of getting personal or cheeky like most times.

Didn't mean to be arrogant here, i just didn't know all the facts and wrote my take on my then state of knowledge. Tell me that didn't ever happen to you before...

Have you

paid your opinion tax?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


i'm sure it won't take long and there'll be one, so having the right opinions will make your life even more easier...

Ben Swann will an annoy the hell out of Alex Jones.

Ben thinks before he speaks whereas Alex opens his mouth just to hear himself talk.

It doesn't surprise me that this did not happen.

I don't think Alex can hold a conversation at this level.


They seemed to get along last time...

oh wait, didn't you know this wasn't to be their first conversation?

Seems like someone else has a problem with speaking before thinking...

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

Ben was not on today.

Also they took infowars down temporarily for retooling due to a massive influx of new visitors, they suspended outside ads.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Was he on?

Is there a 'tube?

SteveMT's picture

No Ben Swann wasn't on today.

What's worse, no explanations were even given. Sorry about that. Jones's website was down for the first 30 minutes of the program, but he would have announced a change in the schedule had there been one. No sense.

was he on?

I didn't hear him

What's up with the site?

I go to infowars and it takes me to Prison Planet. It's taken down all the AlexJones TV clips. I wonder if they took him down?

i'd guess he's getting so much traffic

that they are taking some emergency fall-over measures.

it's back normal now but I was getting the same.


SteveMT's picture

It seems to be back to normal now.

There are enough conspiracy theories. If infowars goes down permanently, watch out.

It's fixed now