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Update: Malware False Flag Alert on the DP (Again); Also Affecting Tech Crunch, Other Sites


Here's an article on the Malware False Flag:

Google’s malware checker on Tuesday started to detect ads from isocket‘s advertising network, distributed via the adsbyisocket.com URl, as a threat. The result is that sites using the advertising network are throwing up malware warnings on some pages visited by Google Chrome. These include TechCrunch, Cult Of Mac, and possibly others.

The article notes that Google has lifted the malware alert, so it should stop showing up here any time. As I noted in a comment on another thread, this is the third time this has happend to the Daily Paul. I'm familiar with the drill. I have removed all the isocket ad tags from the site, and resubmitted the site for a scan by Google. Hopefully things will clear up soon.

Thank you again for your patience.


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I've seen the alert on Chrome and Safari. Other people have mentioned it. This is the third time it has happened. It is being triggered by the ad network. Very sorry about the trouble folks. I'll let you know more when I know more.


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blocked out

Cannot sign in on a Brand new mac book pro. Sends me through a continuous danger loop. FAAARTS

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I can't get through on Safari, either

Download Chrome. That is the first thing I did when I got my new Macbook Pro (granted, that was five years ago, but...the advice today is just as solid)

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What browser are you using?

Also, you may want to check your security settings in system preferences. The firewall may be blocking the site.

I had to click through at my own risk at 12:06

my time. Whazzup with this..

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Anyone know of a better browser than chrome?


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Firefox with the cocoon plug-in add on

cocoon allows you to surf the web behind a proxy so you can never get any malware and no one can track you : )

same with firefox

Just click ignore warning

Hands down...


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Trouble Replying

YES!! I just unloaded Crome to get here, and I find I cannot reply to your question.

Apple is no magic platform

Windows still makes up over 90% of OS market share while Mac OS is somewhere near 7%. For a virus/malware to be 'successful' it needs to spread in order to generate any real revenue. This of course is much easier to do on a platform used by 90% of the country. Naturally malicious code writers would see little benefit from targeting only 7% of computer users. As the market share for Mac OS climbs, so are malware incidents. Take this article from last month for example: http://www.zdnet.com/latest-mac-malware-adds-to-troubling-tr...

Personally I wont use their products whether they are 'safer' or not. Apple is a tyrant of a company. They run directly opposed to freedom of information and are a major obstacle to true innovation in the world. They are bending intellectual property to its limits and exploiting the system for profit, not to protect innovation as patents were intended. Ironically they are often hailed as magical. Unfortunately like so many things the truth could not be further from the mainstream opinion.

I could literally post 100 examples of their authoritarian behavior but this one is a good enough example by itself: http://rt.com/news/apple-patent-transmission-block-408/

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Apples has less process hardening

Yeah, I won't get into the technical details, but Apple products are also far easier to exploit than Microsoft ones.

Apple also has a more careless attitude towards security.

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You Could Post This Instead of Comment

This seems to be a topic of it's own.
You could post it on DailyPaul and see what transpires.

The example you linked to is

The example you linked to is one I have seen before and the only one of it's kind that I've seen. Got any others?

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Is anyone still having trouble replying to my comments?

That was another issue.

There are all kinds of issues recently. She's a crumbling beauty, this Daily Paul. Like an old Dodge Dart. She's in need of some TLC.

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Dodge Dart slant 6. Out runs the Energizer Bunny.

1964 Dodge Dart for sale Showroom condition. It will be there in your time of need.

Perhaps a slant 6 could power our DailyPaul Inn backup generator during emergencies.

Whilst there is no emergency, perhaps our Inn could provide shuttle service to Boston train stations & docks.

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I'm not much of a fan of the new Dart, but this is a good commercial:


Including a cameo appearance by Tom Brady at around 1:18.

Emotionalism: "Tom Brady likes it, so I'll like it." Somehow, I don't see Brady actually driving one of these.

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Sounds like a V-8!

Never heard a 6 rumble like that...

I am impressed w/ the "slant 6." Yes. If stock, this may be V8.

1964 Dodge Dart TV Television Commercial Economy size. Watch it here for FREE!

"1964 Dodge Dart. The new kind of compact, in the large economy size."

In 1963, "All were powered by 170-c.i. or 225-c.i. slant-six engines. Consistent with their sticker price, cars were sparsely equipped, and operation was very economical with 20 to 25 miles per gallon.

Choosing not to mess with success, the 1964 Dart changed little except for some bolder trim and the introduction of a 180-hp, 273-c.i. V-8 that marked Dodge’s Golden Anniversary. The compact Dart was again a hit, with 195,000 Dart’s moving into new driveways. A refresh in 1965 further tidied some design work, and sales remained strong at 206,000. Almost half of 1965 Dart production was equipped with a V8 engine."

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Able to reply ...

But chrome on my PC still blocking site. Had to 'proceed at own risk'. Tried from a different device (Android tablet) and no problems.

yes Michael - issues replying

my comment appeared, but not as a reply.

- edit - this one seemed to work ok though... hmmm

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The whole internet is having

The whole internet is having some sort of problem.... Many sites are not right today....

Yeah I just got the message

Yeah I just got the message on my Macbook. Using Firefox if that helps.

yes just now

was using mozilla and google together. now am logged on with tor and ixquick

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Has anyone seen the warning recently?

I haven't.

The article I posted in the update above says that the ban has been lifted. I'll update you on the resolution as I hear any news.

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Still there at 2:44 central

Still there at 2:44 central time, I just "advanced at my own risk" with Chrome.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Never saw a warning

But have tried to vote up a few posts and comments and find that I can no longer do so. It might just be a problem with my computer, however.

Got the warning

Just now at 1:49pm Central. Using Chrome 23.0 on Linux Kernel 3.7.0-7

Still has active warning as

Still has active warning as of this post...

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I got it once today.


I just got the warning a

I just got the warning a minute ago, both Firefox and Chrome.

Macs can get viruses, it's just that few are made which target them because they are such a small market. When a virus does get made for Macs they tend to transfer easier since most Mac users don't have anti-virus software.

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