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Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson needs your help on Sandy Hook article he's writing

From his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.watson.71
I am doing a video on the Sandy Hook issue. Trying to separate the legitimate questions from the BS disinfo. The MSM is about to go big smearing "conspiracy theorists" for harassing the victims. What are the legitimate issues and what disinfo do we need to distance ourselves from? I already knew the LIBOR thing was a hoax from day one, so everything apart from that.

If you don't do facebook: Put up your best links and informative comments from DP here and I will direct him to this thread.

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And we have a winner!!!!

Mark down the date. It took roughly a year for a Jonesian to claim I'm some sort of "sleeper" (I'm surprised that it took this long, and I'm surprised that the words "plant," "disinfo," and "troll" weren't used. Hell, you didn't even mention COINTELPRO! You're asleep on the job!).

Thanks for proving my point about how unreasonable you are.

"UPDATE:" Woops. Way to count. And did it ever occur to you that, in those instances where I'm "suppressing" (that's a laugher!) someone who "questions" the government, I'm on the same side but disagreeing with tactics?

You can distort my posts, my intentions, and my loyalty all you want. When I comment here, often my objective has been to steer this website (which has been an important part of a larger movement) in a wiser direction.

That direction involves fewer Alex Jones references. Think I'm wrong? Bring the argument. You'll lose that argument (in the eyes of 99% of people who aren't fellow Jonesians). You'll reveal yourself as unreasonable if you try to conflate a critique of tactics with some sort of subversion. But you're welcome to try.


talk about guilty dogs barking first and loudest! :>

Dude, by "sleeper" I just meant somebody with an agenda. If you are some kind of professional hired agent then you should be fired because you are doing a crappy job. I was just assuming you were an unhinged private citizen neurotically stalking DP.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

You have all the audacity of...



What Michael said.
We were Ron Paul "Kooks" then and will always be in the eyes of the non "Red Pill"
swallowing masses. :)

Jefferson's picture


red pill scene is much better with Spanish subtitles.

Got your message the other day. I will try to call tonight.

"Loud Noises!!"




"SanePaulFan" seems to be exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia - speaking for "we" again. I don't remember electing this guy... is there more than one personality in there?

Please remember folks... I'm pretty sure everyone here does not endorse socialism however when you make comments like what "we" think... please don't include me in your "we" I like to think for myself.

P.S. Michael thanks for not banning me :-P Even though you may still choose to do so in the future. I appreciate you allowing me to educate folks on these very important root issues... I'm sure you prob cringe most times when you see another one of Vince's rants.

Thanks for keeping DP as open and free as possible.

Then again maybe you just didn't notice and I should keep my trap shut :-P

Did I lump you into a "we"?

I think not.

Do you understand how this forum works?

If you don't like the title of a thread, don't click it. Clicking on it gets it listed in the "most viewed" posts. If you choose to click on it, understand that you are promoting it. Once there, you don't have to read it, and if you read it you don't have to comment. If you comment, you bump the post to the active topic column, where it is most likely to be seen and bumped again. Furthermore, you will possibly generate a reply which will bump it again. If everyone paid attention to this, the posts they do not like would either disappear, or stay active because most people here do like them. If most people here like them, who are you to try to stop them from being posted?
Thank you for taking the time to publicly whine and bump this very timely and important post.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

We all know Robby...

The father that was laughing before approaching the mice, well MSM reported that Robby and his family moved to Newtown a year ago from Utah, What about the rest of the parants?

Really bad at posting links

but Veterans Today has a couple of great articles about Sandy Hook. It might be worth a look.

VT is a good source in my opinion

I have a collection of links I will post, and will try not to duplicate the ones posted in this comment. I will try to put my favorites at the top. Many of these links were linked within VT articles. I don't do FB, so please forward the links.



Sandy Hook massacre: Evidence of official foreknowledge?


Sandy Hook: US State-Fabricated Terror

Sandy Hook: Huge Hoax and Anti-Gun “Psy Op”


Apparently there is a microwave mind control (think Jesse Ventura, Conspiracy Theory) aspect to Sandy Hook according to Gordon Duff. See the obscure remark in the last line of this article:


I am Ron Paul.

Sotos class.

I have one excellent link full of other links, I'll go find it. But he can do this independently, too. Just try to figure out which kids were in Soto's class; how many, where they wound up. It does NOT add up.
Here it is:

Also, how did Rosseau's car wind up with bullet holes in it? And why was it turned over to her father without any ballistics testing?
Why no photo's of the shot up front door?
But perhaps the smoking gun is the shape-shifting gun. How does the murder weapon change 24 hours later? Are these cops so incompetent that they cannot tell a handgun from a rifle? And it is easy to see that in all that confusion some wrong info would get out, but we are talking about the wrong MURDERER (Ryan was first named) AND the wrong weapon? (And medical examiner who seems to know nothing about the autopsies.) Has there been ANY disciplinary action against the spokespeople giving out such erroneous information? Law enforcement or media? If people can't get the facts from those who claim to report the facts, THEY need held to account.

Oh, and security camera footage. Can we see ANYONE shooting their way in? Why is there not one second of footage? And why not one picture of children evacuating the school, save one still shot of a dozen or so kids?

I hope he digs in and tears this up. Someone with real journalistic resources and skills needs to.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.