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Gotta wonder where the "gunpowder democrats" are in all this.

Here we are in a nicely polarized...do we even call it a debate at this point? It's really more of a national howling match on one side and a screaming match on the other with each side seeing who can be the loudest on THEIR side. This is so classic these days nobody even notices nobody is talking TO each other so much as ABOUT each other.

Meanwhile, there is and always has been what a buddy calls himself, the "gunpowder democrats". Yes, it's true and they are increasingly rare, liberal, progressive or democratic people who like their guns. They are OUT THERE but lately have become elusive as wolverines. They have all gone to ground. The middle ground. The place between opposing firing lines.

Now these are generally people who own ONE firearm and this is would be a family heirloom, their grand daddy's rifle. The rest of them all have a cousin or buddy who drags them out hunting or skeet shooting a couple times a year and they get to drink beer and feel manly. A few of them even hunt and have maybe a rifle and a shotgun. And a couple maybe just like guns because of Quentin Tarantino movies.

Imagine their sense of isolation right now. To pick up their heads one inch means they are under fire and forced to one side or the other. Now...

which side will that be?

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