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Tom Davis Introduces Joint Resolution to Nullify Executive Orders on Guns

South Carolina's Tom Davis introduces a joint resolution that nullifies any executive orders on guns:

"Any federal executive order restricting, abridging, or otherwise infringing upon the free exercise of a citizen's second amendment right to keep and bear arms is unconstitutional and shall not be enforced by any federal, state, or local law enforcement agency within South Carolina."

The full bill can be read here: http://www.scstatehouse.gov/sess120_2013-2014/bills/224.htm

If you're state has not yet passed nullification or has not introduced nullification, please contact your state senators and congressman immediately.

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I just called Senator Harvey Peeler's office asking him

I just called my,Senator, Harvey Peeler's office asking him to co-sponsor
Im sure he wont because he never does any thing good, I still try

Pray for these people

the sh*t is hitting the fan.

I went a little farther with this


I gave Vots credit on my post for inspiring this article.

I added more sections to the Tom Davis resolution. Insert your state name here. :)

SECTION 3. This includes any federal, state, or local law enforcement agency or private agent employed by a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), private security entity, national entity, international entity, including but not limited to: United States Army, United States Marine Corps, United States Navy, United States Air Force, United States Coast Guard, Army National Guard of the United States, Army Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Naval Reserve, Air National Guard of the United States, Air Force Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, Cadets, United States Military Academy Midshipmen, United States Naval Academy Cadets, United States Air Force, Academy Cadets, United States Coast Guard Academy, Midshipmen, United States Merchant Marine Academy, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Beurau of Investigation, Department of Ecenomic Security, Department of Homeland Security or any entity created under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Patriot Act, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Protect IP Act (PIPA).

SECTION 4. Any agent, employee, volunteer or person described in SECTION 3 found guilty of violating the abovementioned resolution in the state of ____________ by a jury of peers could face a minimum fine of $50,000.00 and/or a minumum prison sentence of 2 years, maximum 5 years. Any agent, employee, volunteer or person described in SECTION 3 found guilty of violating the abovementioned resolution in the state of __________ by a jury of peers may at the descretion of the court be barred from entering the state of ____________ for a maximum of 10 years.

SECTION 5. Any state representative found guilty of amending, overturning or removing the abovementioned resolution will be immidiatly removed from office and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law described in SECTION(s) 1-4 of this resolution and may not run for political office in the state of ______________ for 25 years. This includes all branches of government in the state of _______________ from the position of Precinct Committeman to the office of the Governor.

SECTION 6. The Governor of the state of ____________ may call on the ___________ National Guard and/or state militia to enforce this resolution.

Truth is treason in an empire of lies

I've just contacted my state rep. and sen. on this

I've contacted my state (Michigan) Rep. and Sen. (both Rs) regarding introducing a similar resolution in the Michigan legislature. I sign all my correspondence to them as a "Precinct Delegate."


I don't put any faith in Illinois denying the gun grabbers. We already have a FOID (firearm owners identification) card. They know where we live!

Just moved out of IL recently

Just moved out of IL recently after living there my whole life. And yeah, there's not much you can do. That FOID card is awful. CA, IL, and NY are the 3 mega hubs for socialism.

Tom Davis is the real deal!

SC is very very much a good ol boy state. Davis will have a tough time against Graham but if Tim Scott would endorse him he could very well win.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

It's going to be much tougher

It's going to be much tougher this time for Graham. He's not popular anymore in this state. A few months ago they did a 2014 Senate poll that included both Tom Davis and Graham. Graham overwhelmingly lost and Davis overwhelmingly won. Graham is way too obviously a neocon, and fortunately that brand of the GOP is beginning to fade. While the Liberty wing is growing exponentially. Good combination for Davis.

Go Tom Go

As A SC voter and supporter of Tom Davis I applaud his stance. It will at least show how much of this state is REAL good old boy and how much is liberty minded conservatives.

Very lucky we'll have this

Very lucky we'll have this guy to put up against Lindsey Graham.