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Ron Paul's Republican Legacy Growing In Caucus States Like Iowa And Nevada

DES MOINES, Iowa — Ron Paul is exiting the political stage, but his legions of followers insist they are only getting started.

Libertarian-leaning loyalists of the two-time Republican presidential candidate have quietly taken over key-state GOP organizations, ensuring future fights with the GOP's establishment and laying the groundwork for a future presidential candidate.

Their new relevance, especially in early caucus states Iowa and Nevada, could clear the way for such a candidate, perhaps Paul's son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. It's the next step in the group's ongoing development, from rambunctious malcontents of just a few years ago into more serious party activists bent on reshaping a party they say has drifted from its conservative roots.

"It's the maturation of the movement," said Matt Strawn, a former Iowa Republican Party chairman not affiliated with Paul. "If you're going to keep the franchise going, you need a candidate."

Iowa's state Republican governing body this month voted to re-elect as chairman and vice chairman two of Paul's top 2012 Iowa caucus campaign aides. Last year, Nevada Republicans similarly elected top Paul supporters to its two spots on the Republican National Committee.


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if only more people realized

if only more people realized that libertarian is the only politically consistent position and anything else is contradictory.

It's great to see...

...the efforts of so many who worked so hard starting to pay off. It's hard to believe that on a website entitled "The Daily Paul", what Ron Paul and his supporters have done isn't getting a little bit more love.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."-Samuel Adams

you aint seen

nothing yet feliznavdavid. shit about to get real even in my local GOP.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Where is the love?

Why no love? Because there is still no consensus on how to best move forward with the liberty movement. There are those who believe it can be done by reforming the Republican Party from within, and they are having some success as the article points out. Then there are those who believe the Republican Party is a lost cause, the neocon control too strong, and a 3rd Party or Independents is the way to go. And lastly you have those sitting on the fence.

This will be one of the biggest issues over the next 2-4 years. Will the movement coalesce around one strategy, or will it remain fractured?

Here is some love!:)

I just moved to Seattle (It's freaking cold here!) I'm excited about getting involved in county GOP meetings here!

I am!