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America; Unwavering, Resolute, And Ever So Bright, Fuels The Fires Of Liberty

Sons and Daughters of Liberty!

"The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears",

America, she burns as we, Lions, war amongst ourselves to voice a mere thought upon one another, as we strive to find the blame, lest we seek truth. Evil, sees to it, ever so confident that we fight amongst ourselves till it is too late, and evil decries why not?, Lions we are, far off best, fighting amongst each other, lest our eyes turn towards the true enemy

I will never falter, no waiver in my undying disposition to protect Individual Liberty, nor will I never give up on you, nor our Nation. seek not to sit idly by as She is usurped by wolves in sheep's clothing, our Founding Fathers, Guardians of Liberty, codified the weapons to war against the threat of Tyranny, AMERICA, UNWAVERING, RESOLUTE, AND EVER SO BRIGHT, SHE BURNS THE FIRES OF LIBERTY, SHE WILL PREVAIL, HOW MANY NATIONS?, DESCEND UPON US TO DISARM AND BLEED HER, IT DOES NOT MATTER, LIONS WE ARE, LIONS OF LIBERTY, seek to nullify, seek to resist, may they see with their own wretched eyes it is not there control any more

Folly to believe the TPTB is invincible or all powerful, Putrid Scum, den of vipers who whisper and conspire, against the Unalienable belief of Liberty, no Politician, no Actor, no President, No soldier can save me. I!,no WE!, can only help ourselves, Do not wait for the savior, or the hero, for it is inside you he or she rests, unfathomable and ever powerful our will, our resolution to defend Liberty, I give you my energy as well as I give you my belief, America, She will not falter as evil descends upon her, Lions we are, Shall this day arrive that our hands be Immersed in the blood of Tyrants, MAY YOU NEVER FALTER NOR WILL I WAIVER, Those who spy and watch us, Those who seek to imprison our mind and body, know that WE REALIZE NOW JUST HOW POWERFUL WE CAN BE, IT IS NOT YOUR CONTROL ANY MORE, YOUR EFFORTS TO SILENCE US WORKS AGAINST YOU, TOO MANY KNOW NOW, YOU HAVE LOST THIS, YET YOU STAY EVER SO DESPERATE, THOUGH NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE CONFIDENT, BUT BECAUSE YOU CANNOT TURN BACK ANYMORE, YOU SEEK TO DESTROY US BECAUSE WHEN WE SUCCEED THE WHOLE WORLD WILL RISE TOO, YOUR EGO DRIVES YOU TO DESTROY AND CONSUME, TILL YOU HAVE CONSUMED YOURSELF, LEST YOU CONSUME THE REST OF YOUR WRETCHED ILK

Shall a day begin where the world embraces love and peace, so that her children live in an infinity of unity and Amity, I see it, Shall I see a day where the People take back the power from scum who enforce their will upon us, I see it

Sons and Daughters of Liberty!

"The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears"

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