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Germany pulling gold from Paris and US

This could be very big news!! This is the first time I can remember a country breaking away from the gold cartel. Many people believe gold has been loaned out at 100 - 1 leverage. If other countries start demanding delivery of gold there could be BIG problems FAST!!

I'm really surprised the FED allowed this to happen. This could really become a MAJOR problem for the ( haha I hope at least )!!



Bill Gross just twitted:

Gross: Report claims Germany moving gold from NY/Paris back to Frankfurt. Central banks don’t trust each other?

Could this be why the Gold Price is moving up today?

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Sorry thanks for explaining this

I now know the difference and it won't happen again.

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That is ok - no problem

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I just thought it was odd that you replied not to my comment, but at the top of the list. Just trying to get an idea of how widespread the problem is. Other people are having voting problems as well.



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Thanks, good story but not a "DP Original"

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USA Army

and secret service had entered Swiss banks in 1953 to confiscate accounts of Nazi Germany who prior took gold and money from rich Jews. USA initial explanation to Swiss was that money will be redistributed to original owners and WWII survivors.

The excuse was forgotten as soon as the gold had crossed Atlantic.

They better...

Core sample every brick and every coin!

As Murray would say - Fractional Reserve Systems...

are always inherently bankrupt.

Bill Gross

I just added an update to this article as well. Bill Gross just asked don't Central banks don’t trust each other?

I'm saying this could become MAJOR news.