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Texas Tells Feds and Obama to Screw Off - Drudge

Good ol' Texas

Bill going through legislature will arrest any Fed trying to implement EO taking away gun rights.



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God bless Texas!

God bless Texas!

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Link to Monday's Radio interview.

Here is an interview with the same guy (Steve Toth Rep Texas) from the day before saying many of the same things.


3 cases

Do the Feds have the right to take them from persons who reside within the geographical bounds of the District of Columbia?

Do the Feds have the right to take them from persons who claim U.S. citizenship who reside within the geographical bounds of Texas?

Do the Feds have the right to take them from one of the people who reside within the geographical bounds of Texas?

How do the Feds know who is what?

More grandstanding. Expect nothing to happen.

Just like they were going to kick the TSA out of Texas airports? Right. As G. W. Bush said: There is a saying in Texas. Fool me once...uh...we can't get fooled again.

Politicians like to play games to appeal to voters. When the rubber hits the road, the Texas legislature will fall in line with whatever the feds want them to do. The vast majority of people will bend over and take it.

As I recall

Texas said they were going to kick the TSA out. The Feds said they would then install a No-fly Zone over the whole state. Texas caved.

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All they had to do was issue

All they had to do was issue a "fly-zone" over Texas and instruct local law enforcement to arrest any federal agent in Texas trying to enforce this no fly zone. They should have tried to work with other states in this nullification. Remember, liberals can use nullification when it comes to drug laws so "conservatives" can use it as well.

Changed my + vote to a -. Here's why.

We all know that confiscation is preceded by registration.

Do you know what registration is preceeded by? Every time without exception in history?

National ID.

Registering something to a non-uniquely identifiable person or entity does not accomplish the task they want to accomplish which is confiscation.

And what preceeds national id? Databases and data feeds.

So, "conservative" politicians can go on and on about feel good measures like these, but none of these feel good measures actually STOP THE IDENTIFICATION OR REGISTRATION OF OWNERS AND THEIR HARDWARE.

In other words, even if this Texas law were to pass, it might only forestall the confiscation by another month or year or so and then the law will be changed and the confiscation will begin.

In the meantime, however, gun owners will have been made to feel "safe" in that in Texas, yes, go ahead with the retained instachecks and data collection since there wont be confiscation.


But once they have the data, it's over right then. They *WILL* be confiscated, it's just a matter of when on the calendar.

Reminds me more of Perry's do-nothing secession bruhaha

Meanwhile they redistricted Ron Paul out of office, forcing gardisil on girls, and housing the Bush crime family and oil assets.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

The people are too brainwashed.

As usual, by the time the masses realize what is going on they will be so close to their own demise that a revolt might be unsuccessful.

I'm getting the hell out of the US as soon as possible.

I see two possible outcomes

I see two possible outcomes here- one where Obama acts stupid and sends in the feds, leading to civil war, and the other where Obama leaves states that don't wish to comply alone, and some states will have guns banned, while others will not.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin



Most of these FFA's deal with

manufacturing of arms and ammo inside of the state. Alaska has a similar law that requires that the firearm be made in the state, stay in the state forever and be stamped made in Alaska.

In these states with new FFA's, we need to crowd-fund state specific private arms manufacturing companies.

We'll see though just how much of this is political theater big talk and how much is fact. If not, the tree of Liberty looks a little parched and needs some care.

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Good move

in the political arena

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I See The Texas Republic

in my head lights!!! Hope Ron Paul decides to Run for Governor!!!

Uhhhh no...

I hope not because I am dying to see him have a liberty tour and he cant do that with if he has office responsibilities!!!! COME TO San Francisco soon DR. Paul (hopefully he visits dailypaul and reads comments!)

One of the few times that I agree with the Texas government.

Thanks for posting.