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Sandy Hook: Read the last sentence in today's Newtown Bee newspaper article:

This article: As Shooting Probe Progresses Police Union Seeks Funding For Trauma Treatment
By Andrew Gorosko

A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.


Also, please see Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson needs your help on Sandy Hook article he's writing

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can you look

at satellite pictures from two months ago?

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Good question... If I recall

Good question... If I recall the police scanner chatter that morning made it sound as such... I sure don't have the proof.... I do recall he was running from the police.... The police all fired up on the radios! From one officer: "He's coming at me" in a almost scream! Anyway may not have been armed.

Does anyone here really think

that they could imagine a better way to ensure loyalty to a scam than to offer individuals a life time pension that is immune from any type of Government taxing? We are looking at a mass of 30 some thing individuals who were on auto pilot with their careers.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

None of these people will be

None of these people will be alive in a few years... Seems to be the trend...

They'll be off sippin whiskey

with SEAL Team Six.

I think it was a coincidence.

I think it was a coincidence. The guy might be a pedophile and was scoping a future capture. But he was there at the wrong time and panicked. There is also the possibility of another coincidence where child pornography will be found on his computer. But since he wasn't a shooter at Sandy Hook, his love for children will go under the radar.

Does this sound ok?

Satire, downvoter. Satire.

The Forest Is A Perfect Escape Route

Looking at the Google map of the school, there's no reason for him to be in those woods, and he just so happens to be armed? Look at the map of the school below and you can see that there's only ONE long winding road to the school but the forest behind the school is a great EXIT point because they could have parked a get-a-way car in several areas south and walked to it through the forest.


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map was one of the first things I looked at when I first looked into this. I had the exact same impression you did. It looked like an ideal place for a person (or people) to get in and out quickly and not be noticed.

When I heard about the reported "20 minute response time," I looked at the distance from the PD to the school. It was 2.3 miles and took 7 minutes to get there (doing the speed limit) according to Google maps.

It left me wondering where all the entrances and exits were on the school.

Someone could have parked at

Someone could have parked at the tennis court, walked through the woods to the school and did the deed. Then, walk back through the woods, to the Tennis Court and leave. This way it won't seem odd that a car is parked there - they have parking. Elsewhere you may have homeowners noticing a car parked in the street. And that's ridiculous that it took them 20 minutes.. Unless that ONE ROAD was somehow backed up already?

Then why was he running from other cops!!

If he were an off duty cop then why was he running from them. He would now the drill. Was he ex military??

And why did he say

"I didn't do it".

Do WHAT?? How did he know anything was going on.

Whats his name

inquiring minds want to know.

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What was he doing there?

He's the man.

WHAT freakin source???

grrrrr... I'm so sick of getting reports from anonymous nobodies. This is the basis of so much of our "news" nowadays and people just eat it right up!

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Can I have some of your "up" votes?

I get voted down when I point out a questionable source of a post.

Can I have some of yours? [edit: Thanks. :]

Good question!

Who can we ask?

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Waiting for extraction err...

Duck hunting.

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OK, but there were TWO guys in the woods on that video

one up in the uper left screen that got away. Better at tactics...?

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And that explains why he was in the front seat!

Thanks for reposting this video!

And the suspect being given

a face plant at the firehouse was...let's see, an off duty tactical fireman?

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I saw the footage of him getting chased down.

Looks like they are trying to tie up the loose ends in their story.

At least they acknowledged that there was a mysterious armed man in the woods now.

In looking for corroborating evidence to statements of fact...

We now read about an 'off-duty tactical officer' in the woods! The incident in the woods was up to this point speculative and not a subject covered very loudly by the media. This article corroborates that there was 'someone' in the woods! That's all it helps demonstrate as a true statement of fact. That he/she was a suspect, or was an off duty officer, are statements but not necessarily true statements! It is useful Intel however!

This establishes to some degree that the video of people chasing into the woods is real! That is true statement, but who it is remains just a statement! This is progress!

Additionally we have now corroborating evidence that something actually happened in town, and that the local PD was there! 3-5 police from that town are presently off duty... or not at work?! As many as 15 may be plagued with the same problem! Whether this is for the reasons given, or because they did not exist in the first place but were 'interviewed', or because they are being silenced... all remain statements of fact which are either true or false.

But, that something has happened which necessitates their absence, or removes a 'name' from duty today for that town, seems a true statement of fact.

It is still unclear as to the real reasons for their ABSENCE however.

As time passes it cannot be helped that corroborating evidence of any particular statement of fact, it's truth or falsehood, will emerge. That is precisely what the liberty and truth movement should be carefully tracking. The flow chart of truth will slowly emerge.

Do not jump to conclusions, accept as true statement of fact, or assume a statement of fact is false, until corroboration of the small building blocks occurs. This requires patience!

Unfortunately, there were more

Unfortunately, there was more than one suspect in the woods, eh? LoL


Suddenly lanza was not

Suddenly lanza was not wearing gear when he gunned down the school. Oh and his mother was killed with a rifle in the home? Why would he use a rifle? Why wouldn't he use one of her handguns to shoot her close range?

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Sensational reporting, and police grieving?

"Police face serious, intense situations on a daily basis, he said. But what occurred at Sandy Hook School on December 14 was something on a magnitude that could not have been imagined, he said."

With the MSM being so quick to report on mass shooting in gun-free zones, one would think these police would clearly be able to imagine something of this magnitude.

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Anderson Cooper's having another show about conspiracy theorists

on Sandy Hook tonight.

i wait with bated breath

for his journalistic professionalism to shine upon me once again.

"A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the...

school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source."

That's weird. Duck hunting?

Should really update the title of the thread to get more exposure.

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