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Does it matter if you're right when you're hurting our movment.

Are more people seeing your posts about 9/11 and Sandy Hook, or are more people seeing stories like this.
It doesn't matter if I'm on board with your conspiracies or not. What matters is that a larger public is seeing a yahoo story about conspiracy theorists harrassing people in Newtown, than are seeing your posts about your "evidence" you found from some no-name youtube blogger.
I'm not going to debate whether you are right about the conspiracies or not. You being right about something which the public will never believe will not further the cause of liberty. All it has done has given the media, who has more reach than you, ammunition with which to bash people like Ron Paul.
I'm not concerned that you are right or not. I'm concerned that you are hurting our movement.

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all right girl, it's on now! you think you can push me around?

I know how to deal with trolls around here.


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Oh, and I can walk like an Egyptian, but can you dance like John here?

time to pull out the big guns....

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(and if you promise not to tell anyone.... I actually enjoyed disco back in the day when the Dance floor was lighted.)

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Oh my god!

I love singing really loud to that one.... my poor roommate lol

Your secret is safe with me, if you will admit Travolta is amazing.

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Gotta make a move to a town thats right for me.....

Have a nice night Hvactech, I look forward to our musical exchange again tomorrow.

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love the bangles

have you seen this version yet?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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Thanks Deacon

I liked it.

Can't have freedom without truth.

If you wanna believe every "official story" that comes down the pike perhaps you are talking about the establishment movement when you say "our movement."


is incorrect. Individual liberty originated from reason. It has nothing to do with nature, god, truth.

it all depends on who you are, and who you are talking to.

I do service work in high rise buildings. I am one of those "authorized personnel only" types. I will talk about 911 to the people who know what I do, that is one of the reasons I chose HVACTech as a screen name (and also to help people if they have questions about it)
yesterday they had the kerosene heater running in the automotive shop where WE just installed my new engine, I looked at Ricky and said hey, imagine that! the kerosene is not melting the heater like it did in the twin towers!!
one guy looked daggers at me and said no, those fires were hotter..
I said no, a poor flame gives off light and smoke, a hot flame does not.
needless to say, he STFU.
I will agree it I NOT wise to talk about even basic tech to MOST people.
I will prove my point with you right now, see those lights burning all around you? what is powering them?
hint, electricity is not the right answer. electricity is just a power transfer medium.

Furthering Liberty

How does Liberty move forward without truth?

Is it ok to ignore 911, Gulf of Tonkin, The Maine, and previous false flags, in the pursuit of Liberty?

Can we ignore the Federal Reserve, the CIA importing cocaine, the slaughter of Muslims in the name of the War on Terror? Are these also in the basket of things we should ignore?

Where is the line drawn if you want a safe homogenized Daily Paul? What is ok to discuss and what is not?

Do reports of multiple shooters in Aurora, Wisconsin, Sandy Hook, Arizona (Giffords) need to be discarded as well?

How about the poisoning of our foods, Flouride, Monsanto, and Eugenics in general? Are they ok?

Can you really put a lid on those who are searching through the shit and debris of tyranny by claiming 'their cause' is off base and hurting some sub-set of truth that you represent?

Seems to me that you cannot limit discourse in the hopes of having a discourse that suits your tastes. You must take what you consider bad with the good. You must allow unpleasant ideas to sit right next to your noble pursuits.

Without that...you got very little of a cause.

Live and let live. Think and allow thoughts. Its a messy business this Liberty you claim to pursue.


Am I hurting the gun crowd

when I openly carry and I scare a tard into having to call the cops because he fears the sight of a gun? Not my problem what other igits think about my rights or the fact that I may be right. They are the ones with the problem..

When you start bending to others peoples fears to where you no longer feel free to express yourself, you might as well hook back up to the kool-aid filled government tit.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

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My Advice

Don't worry about it. Find some people here you like talking to and talk with them. There are some really great and very smart people here.

Avoid the threads you do not like. I do not spend much time in the Alex Jones or Sandy Hook threads. Not my cup of tea.

Listen to some music, chill out, and don't fret.

the fact that a man found some children who said . . .

their teacher was dead does not make that man a collaborator with anything or anyone.

The advantage of working with small children is that they can be easily manipulated.

A man reporting that he found children in his driveway really means only that he found children in his driveway. What they said could also be manipulated.

It is a ridiculous thing for people to threaten this man. If any DPers have done that, then they are ridiculous.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

MY movement is dead on the water

if I willingly relinquish my freedom of speech to conform with the silence of a society that has been conditioned not to ask questions.

I don't know about your movement.

As for posting sucky YouTube videos, we can vote them down and prove our community includes some people who reject trash.

The truth shall set you free.

I come to Daily Paul BECAUSE we ask questions. We would be stuck in mid 2002 with the whole world basically asleep at the helm if people thought questions hurt the movement.

5 years ago 99% of people would tell me to put my tinfoil hat back on talking about the Federal reserve, and now its main stream and 100% truth.

Same with 9/11 or billions of other questions that are deemed tinfoil worthy to the masses.

Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.

Dear Paul Revere

Please be quite, your riding around and yelling is hurting our movement.

Truth is the only thing that helps the movement.

Agenda 21 was "crazy talk" in 2007, now it is on the GOP platform.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

if someone thinks you are wrong...

if someone thinks you are wrong because of the way you are thinking or saying....be afraid! Never shut up and pursue your pursuit to happiness!

I'm getting downvoted too....

....this sacred cow is NOT to be discussed.....or questioned....

Alex Jones/Jesse Ventura/Adam Kokesh are their heroes....atheism, trolling, agitation is their game....and they think Ron Paul reciprocates his support for them!!!

This is hurting the movement; it hurt me severely among "disenfranchised Republicans" in 2008, they don't want to hear this stuff....they want government cut and slashed, and kept off their backs, and DON'T LIE TO ME....that's what the voters want....this stuff turns them off just as much as hypocrisy in conservative ranks.

If they cared about the TRUTH, they would know some scripture like our founders, and they'd be embracing the creation account and be showing reverence for the Creator's moral absolutes....

Lose the culture morally, lose the prosperity and liberty politically; God must judge.

It's just not working out....

Daily Paul has always had a majority who listens to AJ's media products every now and then. They hardly worship him. They agree with some of his views, but not others. Most of AJ's listeners here are quick to point out he's rough around the edges and not for everybody. Your goal seems to be shaming us into silence because you have self-esteem issues when talking to those outside the Liberty movement.

Daily Paul has always been dominated by people that tenaciously question current events and the actions of the government. No matter how much you berate us, scream and whine about being embarrassed, or tell us how immoral we are we will continue to aggressively question current events and actions of the government. It's in our DNA. If that upsets you then as long as you hang around you are going to be continually angry and bitter.

You express disdain and contempt for libertarians. Daily Paul has always been dominated by libertarian and libertarian-leaning folks. And I doubt that will ever change.

In my estimation more than 50% of Daily Paul members categorize themselves as christian. But you constantly berate others and point out your spiritual and moral superiority of not just atheists and libertarians in general but of most all other christians too.

Daily Paul is what it is. Daily Paul to you is like a girlfriend that you don't like the way she dresses, or talks, or smells, or the books she reads, or the movies she likes, or her friends, or her relatives so you resort to constant criticism and condemnation in hopes she will conform to what you want her to be. This approach is only going to lead to continued and increasing dysfunction.

You really need to find another girlfriend. You are not compatible with Daily Paul and she is not going to change just because you constantly call her immoral, stupid, crazy and embarrassing. Just move on. Find a place that matches your worldview and dispositions. It's just not working out. And it never will...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

truth is....

Alex.Jones has NEVER had this many threads started about him in a one week period....secondly, the "spiritual and moral superiority" for the Christian is found in the book of the Christian faith....I could very easily spend time demeaning Catholicism, and, say I won't strive in liberty with one who easily succumbs to lies....but I don't.

All this Alex Jones promotion is easy pickins....because of the face time, attention, and blind praise he is getting.

Seems all his defenders think they can't be deceived; well, Clinton, "W", and Obama all say their Christians; and people who say their Christian too put them in office....so.....this is not possible with the Alex Jones defenders? You guys can no longer be deceived, nor led to the slaughter?

Opposed to a warning? Offended by one? Little Guy from Chicago(as pissed of as the rest of us in this movement) with "low self-esteem" got your dander up for tearing down a false idol?

I think this fight is worth picking, because I'm calling for a clear separation. I see our founding as a spiritual enlightening, one where the founders signed their very own death warrants because they trusted in the moral absolutes and promises found in scripture unto all who would stand publicly for His righteous standards; and, they knew all the tricks, and didn't fall into a trap that cut their revolution short and had them all defeated and publicly punished as an example to never challenge the parent government.

Now, this late in the game; after the fiscal cliff hypocrisy....we're not saying "we told you so RINO.'s"....we're pissed, fired up, and coming for them...and they KNOW IT....so, if you wanna be naive, and think throwing Alex Jones up there to paint us all as educated extremists is a good thing, moreso than they did last time(because they failed....we came to the convention with proof of plurality), then you go ahead and think we'll bowl them over and scare the hell out of them with this Hollywood-generated trash-tv anger....

I say we stick with what works, and Alex grows up and gets behind us; not we get behind him!

I say he's a fraud, and an actor....just like Glenn Beck and the rest of them who speak our speak from million-dollar media empires....that's your movement, not mine....that's being led to the slaughter once again....that's not trusting the people to do right once you give them the information, that's not libertarianism....DELIVERY does matter, and it's not about me; it's about our posterity.

Like I said...

Daily Paul is obviously not for you. It's time for you to move along. All you do is here is tell us how evil, wrong, and crazy we are. Jesus only did that to the religious leaders. Daily Paul is not a church. Paul said if a city doesn't accept your message then shake the dust of your feet and move along.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


Since you speak for the majority, I quit.....

We'll see if I planted some seeds.....of doubt and distrust in someone.who is NOT a neo-con.

Be sure to get after them anti-zionists too, to be fair and consistent. ;)

Speaking for...


You are a zionist?

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Where from comes this vitriol?

What's wrong with atheism?
Ron Paul has never come out against any of the things you mention and given that most of his supporters are atheists I doubt he has much problem with them.

I'm an atheist. Please, tell me what I've done wrong. I'm not an immoral person - I never lie, cheat, steal, initiate violence or hurt others emotionally or psychologically; I'm a classical liberal politically; I don't ever evangelize without full warrant and embrace by those present. What act of mine warrants your ire?

The real point here is of course: why speak in generalities? We're all individuals.

Organized religon is the

biggest conspiracy;)

and I'm as much a part of that...

...as Thomas Jefferson and Noah Webster were!

I'm a subscriber of what I believe is the "pure religion" that was needed to aid the founders, helping their every thought, word, and deed!

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I up voted you. The movement is just fine and is alive and kicking. No worries.