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I have to ask a sincere question...

It has been a noticable anomoly that in the past 1-2 months some of the posts I've put up on the DP have either gone completely unnoticed (no upvotes/downvotes or comments) or they have had an initial viewing followed by complete remission of such. It doesn't seem feasible that the viewers on this site would be so precise in their continued lack of upvoting/downvoting or comments when it comes to select posts. It may be a completely legitimate occurence but I simply cannot sit back without asking if others have experienced a similar pattern in the posts they put up here? And this is not to say that all my posts are worthy/unworthy of attention/lack of attention but it seems odd that one post would conjure 73 comments in 2 days when another post would conjure 0 comments even when updated and reposted under different be with you all.

Your friend in Libetry!

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The content on here moves pretty quickly

I have been here over 5 years and have had only one post on the front page, but I don't post often. Some things I thought were worthy may have been read, although not commented on. Others have created a debate much longer than what would seem likely.

There are quite a few very bright and informed people here. What I see happening all the time, is that I read a post or comment and 3-4 days later it's on the news. When they ask me "how did you know about this or that"? I say, "I saw that on the Daily Paul days ago.


I figure someone'll get around tuit

Competition is stiff and time is limited.

How many Original Posts a day? Average time to read and post and comment. Say 15 minutes on average. That's 24 posts a day per person for 8 hour shift.

Some people cheat with multiple accounts. Other conspire with a group to push an agenda.

No reason to take it personally.

Free includes debt-free!

Well it seems like you're only targeting Oregon & not presenting

Anything new that we can't see in video format or on a news site.

But just posting in general, hot button impulsive stuff gets the most comments. That and the time of day/how many active users--plus what other articles you are competing with in the forum.

Commenting fell off after the election

And, you cannot make people see things they are not ready to see, if it is really important stuff come back and bump it in a month and see if it flies then.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Make sure you are not putting up a "repeat" post.

This happened to me several times and when I go back and look I see that a few others have posted the same article. And then there have been times when I post something and it is ignored and someone will post the same thing hours later and get many up-votes.
Sometimes it can be the time of day you post. Certain hours of the day not many will see it and then when people start posting in the evening it will get buried from all the new postings.