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Cloward and Pivens Welfare State: The True Roots of President Obama's Views As Community Organizer and Political Activist

This video I am sharing here today really captures president Obama’s roots as a community organizer and political activist. It is important for people to understand that these catch phrases and terms he has used now for years are all rooted in an effort that began in the 60′s to create a welfare state here in America. It is referred to as the Cloward-Piven Strategy, and it is central to the current economic ailments we are experiencing as a country today.

[wpvideo fbFE5YP8]

President Obama’s attraction to wealth redistribution should alarm us all. Unfortunately, as things get worse in America economically, many people who are poverty-stricken and in need of relief begin to believe and affirm that it is a function of the government to relieve them of their financial struggles. In many ways I don’t blame them, but what they need is the American dream to be restored; not government hand-outs.

It definitely doesn’t help that this is exactly what many community organizers do (Like ACORN of which Obama has strong ties to). They organize the poor as a means to seek government relief, and work tirelessly to overload the system in the same way described by Cloward and Piven back in the 60′s.

Many people might write such a statement off as nothing more than a racially biased statement by a white man who secretly despises people of other races and demographic groups, but this is simply not true. Truth be told, I grew up in a predominately black neighborhood in Vallejo CA. I love hip-hop/rap music and spent many years producing it myself, and some of my best friends are black. At this point, if my statements above are some how racially motivated… I’m pretty sure my black buddies who will read this as well would let me know.

As I have said before, my goal is not to attack a certain race or demographic group because I am racist or bigoted in some way when I talk about these issues; I do so, because I am against certain races and demographic groups being exploited in order to fulfill a political agenda. That is what I am against, and there are many people of other races who agree with me.

One of which is Rev. C.L. Bryant who has produced a groundbreaking documentary, Runaway Slave. This compelling, insightful exposé of Big Government’s control over black America has upended conventional wisdom about the welfare state. C.L. Bryant, a former NAACP chapter president, argues that black Americans have fallen prey to the Progressive Movement’s entitlement mindset – and in doing so, they have traded one form of tyranny for another. The documentary traces Bryant’s journey across America, as he urges his fellow citizens to “run away from economic slavery, and run toward the blessings of liberty.”


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