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What is the BEST chess move? The one that most disturbs your opponent.

The enemy of truth and liberty plans well in advance. THEY want a civil war. They don't care why people kill each other, as long as we kill each other. Right now, they are planning to confiscate guns. What they expect is resistance, and so they will be planning a "made for TV" event, where YOU might get to be the star! Now, it will probably NOT be you.
Somewhere, someone is probably having a beer right now with the wrong guy. He is probably helping Wronguy get set to "defend our Constitution" and about now, Wronguy is asking for just one little slightly illegal weapon... Someone is probably being set up RIGHT NOW to be the star of their "Gun Ownerz Is Crazy" show.
My plea to Stewart Rhodes, and my agreement with that minister apply to our soon-to-be star, and him alone. If whoever the poor sap is that gets set up for the first raid can refuse to turn in weapons, and go to jail for it where he can at least have his side heard, we can and will win over some support from the masses. If The Star takes a "From my cold dead hands" attitude they will oblige him, and then we will never hear who set him up and how, we will only hear about the crazy gun battle with the now dead star.
I WANT my neighbors armed, I just do not want to do EXACTLY what my enemies want me to do. If they want a gun battle, I want a court battle. Truly, I want someone to arrest traitors but that responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of "nobody."

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Not true.

"What is the BEST chess move? The one that most disturbs your opponent."

That would mean your opponent need only ACT disturbed while they defeat you. That would mean your object is to disturb people not win. There needs to be an objective reality behind "the good move", or else all you'll make is bad moves.

Spock would own you at chess. He would never appear disturbed, and an even smarter man would act disturbed while he watches you making terrible moves.

You're just wrong.

You are talking about "acting" disturbed. The best move is the one that DOES disturb them, whether you can tell they are disturbed or not. And Spock would never beat me at chess, he is not a real being.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

This only winning move is to incite a nation to arms.

I don't mean buying arms, I mean carrying openly arms.

I mean where we get to a point where the government quickly fears the people.

Where a man walking down the street openly armed is feared by police. Not for what he can do, but for what others, by standers, will do for him if he is harassed.


Not sure if you are aware of it

but you just laid out the play book for how they entrapped Randy Weaver. Here's the strategy... Find someone on the periphery of a targeted group, the fact that he is fairly knowledgeable in rudimentary construction of shot guns is interesting....Induce him to sell you a shotgun that is altered yet still legal.... return to him to request a part that when added to previously purchased will make previously purchased fire arm illegal. GOTCHA, now you will spy for us against the Aryan Nation....oh you won't.... Don't worry about it...we will merely kill your 14 year old son and blow your wives head off.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Painfully aware

I live in Idaho. Ruby Ridge is more than just a story to me. It is also how they caught every "terrorist" in this country. Find a homesick young man, start inflaming him against the US, give him a fake bomb, catch him with it and go on TV as a hero.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I hope you get your wish, but I doubt it. How many people have

to sacrifice themselves for this pipe dream until you realize it is going to fail?

If no one resists, but everyone tries to fill the role of your "star" and take the court route, what are you going to offer as consolation when they not only don't get their day in court, but get murdered or thrown in a camp?

How about what are you going to offer as hope to the rest of us who haven't been accosted yet and now have an even more difficult task of finally standing up and resisting?

No. The moment to resist is at the outset.

You don't give evil one inch.

THEY are the ones committing the violent and uncivil act of disarmament.

It matters not the machinations they employ to bring it about.

What matters is that we each kill as many of them as possible to thwart their efforts.

The only way this turns into a civil war, instead of a defense of liberty against tyranny is if we DON'T resist tyranny.

At that point, we've decided not to meet our real enemy, and instead, will be left to fight each other.

"We seek not your counsels or your arms, go from us in peace, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

I posted about 'go' before

got down voted to hell but forget chess. Chess is the past. Chess is about wars of attrition. Go is about a smaller force fighting intelligently and ultimately beating far superior forces.

The art of war was inspired by go. traditional military doctrine was inspired by chess.

These ones are called pawns, right?

I know how to play chess but don't enjoy the game. Probably the main reason being that everyone I've ever met takes the game REALLY SERIOUSLY - joking around is VERBOTTEN!

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

"Some" are aware that they're looking for that "wrong guy"

so maybe they prepped a decade ago. Maybe they read books at an early age which taught about improvised munitions, a gift to them from the government that allowed them to be sold at surplus stores around the nation.

Maybe people like that know not to make friends in search of "help".

These are all hypothetical of course but just wanted to show you that your story is based on one avenue, not to say it couldn't or hasn't happened.. there are some who see many routes to a given destination through determination.

I think you forget the vets and civil servants in all of this and your average Patriot who is tuned in.

Adding one more thing.. What they want is civil war.. what they expect is lots of grumbling and a small resistance.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Great point. I wanted to

Great point. I wanted to upvote, but for some reason I can't upvote or downvote anything on the DP. My browser is updated, tried restarting, still can't up or down vote.

Is anyone else having the same problem?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


No problem with Firefox. But did get site warning, today!

Maybe Nystrom

is trying to prove that voting does not matter? lol!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I can not up or down vote either.

This started today :-(

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


neither :(