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Kentucky Sheriff: You're never going to pull guns out of here

From http://cspoa.org

Sheriff Peyman Vows to Protect Gun Rights

Sheriff Denny Peyman of Jackson County, Kentucky, was on Fox News recently vowing to protect his citizens from any unconstitutional executive order that would take away our second amendment rights.

We need more sheriffs like Denny Peyman that will protect the Constitution and our Republic.

In the coming days, I will challenge every county sheriff in this country to stand with me, and those like Sheriff Peyman, to stand up against government encroachment on our right to bear arms.

I encourage those of you who love freedom to contact your local sheriff and demand they take a stand!

Here is a link to the Fox News interview with Sheriff Peyman.


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My county Sheriff in Kenton

My county Sheriff in Kenton County Kentucky is an Oath Keeper and has the same views. Feels good.