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New York State Safe Act 2013 (Passed few hours ago)

"This legislation will protect New Yorkers by reducing the availability
of assault weapons and deterring the criminal use of firearms while
promoting a fair, consistent and efficient method of ensuring that
sportsmen and other legal gun owners have full enjoyment of the guns
to which they are entitled. A thoughtful network of laws provides the
toughest, most comprehensive and balanced answer in the nation to gun
violence. Through this legislation, New York is the first in the
nation to completely ban all pre-1994 high capacity magazines; to ban
any magazine that holds more than seven rounds (rather
than a limit of ten) and to both track ammunition purchases in real
time to permit alerts on high volume buyers, while also checking on
the buyer's background.

In a range of reforms the bill attends to the weaknesses in the
state's current regulatory structure to bring a consistency and
rationality that must be the cornerstone of a safe society. A single
standard across the State will ensure that legal gun owners obtain
their licenses expeditiously while those prohibited are denied that

privilege. A statewide database will keep the registry current and
guard against the dangerous or unstable possessing guns. New rules
will close a loophole that excludes private sales of guns from a
federal background check; tighten provisions governing gun ownership
by persons with serious mental illness; require safe storage of guns
for gun owners who live with someone who has been convicted of
certain crimes, is under an order of protection, or who has been
involuntarily committed as a result of a mental illness. The bill
also creates new and enhanced penalties for illegal gun use, and
enhances protections for victims of domestic violence by requiring
the firearm surrenders and gun license suspension and revocation in
cases where an order of protection has been issued."

Well there it is people. Millions of New Yorkers were made criminals today. Many Small businesses are now completely "gutted" and going to be hurting financially. Individuals working at Remington Arms in Ilion NY are most likely going to loose their jobs. Hunters across the State are going to be inconvenienced by this. Competition Shooters, Sport shooters and recreation shooters are also made Criminals today. Local Firearms retailers will limit there selection considerably, We will be seeing gaps in the shelves. And our Local citizens across the towns, villages, small cities and major cities are made into Criminals. One group unaffected by this new law would be Law Enforcement.

They keep their equipment. Because they have such a wonderful track record of "Keeping Us Safe". This SAFE Act has turned itself on it's head. By the Logic of this Law and by that Logic alone, Law Enforcement should have to limit their equipment as well. WHY?! According to this Law, We as a society and Individuals Are MADE SAFER! If the Law has made us safer, then by deductive reasoning Law Enforcement should abide by the new Provisions to because they will be needed less, they role has diminished. Right?...... No Sir. Reality Sets in. They Keep their Equipment, we are not safer. We are less secure. Less Security and less Liberty. We are limited but not the power holders. NOT FOR ONE SECOND has their Tyrannical authority attempted to Yield! Your State is next my friends. There's a check list and you are on it.

The One Feature Test has Criminalized the entire populace. Central and Upstate New Yorkers are for the most part, normal everyday hard working people. People of modest means trying to pay the bills, go out on Thursday and Friday night have a drink and wake up Saturday morning and wait for the local SU game to come on. Central and Upstate New Yorkers have Firearms, but those firearms are now scrutinized because the Government has deemed that these individuals can no longer own such a Death Machine because it can cause Harm. And if A Medical Professional or "Therapist" deems you unstable, the State can Confiscate your firearms. Fine if you are indeed INSANE. But food for thought, how difficult would it be for a Medical Professional to decree someone unstable? Ponder it. What was once legal and acceptable to own without question, has been made, (My apologies if I am incorrect My head is Spinning, lot going on) a Felony.

Well enough ranting I suppose, but this is completely without a shred of common sense. Finley Out.

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wasn't there pretty much

a ban there already?

window dressing imho


Our Previous Firearms laws were more than adequate. These New Provisions criminalize what New Yorkers have owned for decades.

"Freedom is Popular"